2020 Imaging creates a software platform for India’s smart city mission

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At the SECONA SHIELD Awards 2016, the platform was named the most innovative product of the year in software security.

2020 Imaging, an Indian startup that has developed the Smart City application – a software platform for India’s Smart City Mission, was awarded the Secona Shield Award 2016 as “The Most Innovative Product of the Year in Security for Software”. The software platform Secutech was launched in 2016 by 2020 Imaging and enables cities and governments to work actively in situations, bringing together devices, systems, departments, resources and citizens.

You can read the full press release below:

An Indian startup builds a software platform for India’s smart city mission
Won the “Most Innovative Product of the Year in Software Security” at SECONA SHIELD Awards 2016, run by Secutech

How many times have we seen roads being dug by different departments of city management? How many times have we lost our lives in a disaster because we either did not respond in time or did not manage the recovery well? How many times have we tried to trigger an emergency response through our phone without dialing any number? How many times have we clicked on a picture of a hanging wire and sent it to someone who would solve it mysteriously in no time? Say a measure like poverty in a region with a crime rate, how many times have we felt the need to match?

This Indian startup has created a technology platform that works with UK universities to do just that. The 2020 smart imaging smart city application was launched at Secutech 2016, a global event that is empowering India with smart, secure and secure technology. The application enables the city and government to work actively in any situation.

By enabling devices, systems, departments, resources and citizens – all under a single window, 2020 Imaging aims to take India’s cities beyond the world’s smartest cities.
The company has built its Smart City application based on its state-of-the-art software platform, I3OP (Intuitive, Intelligent and Integrated Operative Platform). Benchmarking against the ISO 37120: 2014 standard, it lists 100 different indicators covering 28 themes such as economy, education, energy, environment, finance, fire and emergency response, governance, health, recreation, safety, shelter, solid waste, telecom and information transport. , Town planning, water and sanitation. During disasters, it doubles as a disaster management application that connects emergency resources, volunteers, grants, relief vehicles, supplies and rehabilitation centers with real-time information from the field.

How is 2020 imaging different?

2020 provides a single window alert management of all devices, systems and resources through a map-enabled rendering for fast, intuitive activity. The application distinguishes itself with the ability to contextually marry different data sources and helps end users visualize in a way that enables them to reduce response time to situations. With a precautionary handling infrastructure based on fully customizable SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) standards, the application brings together both standardization and customization, a software application.

How does it work?

Let us say that a political party is planning to protest at 5 pm without prior permission. The application will automatically experience a disturbance through integrated social media crawling applications. The application will detect building traffic directed towards the location along with the growing crowd around the location. Once connected, the application will issue a warning and coordinate the efforts of multiple departments – in this case the traffic department, police department, fire department and if necessary it can put an ambulance in standby mode. This can make citizens more intimate with their mobile phones to avoid location and increase, for example, bus frequencies to move people from location to location. Finally, it helps save resolution steps through its multimedia-enabled event reporting infrastructure that eventually became part of a city-wide dashboard that analyzes trends and patterns.

Not surprisingly, 2020 Imaging won the “Most Innovative Product of the Year in Software Security” at the SECONA SHIELD Awards 2016, hosted by Secutech.

With smart cities at the center of efforts to provide better livelihoods to Indian citizens and grow its global brand, 2020 is certainly a great step forward with its indigenous technology. The Thane Command Center is already working to make this happen in the 2020 imaging phase. Let’s hope we see more cities embracing this visionary platform that puts Indian cities on the global map of smart and secure cities.

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