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The search for uncut wires from Bluetooth earbuds has been going on for the past few years. Now, this section contains multiple models for removing Apple AirPods from their realm locations. Sennheiser also debuted in this bloated section with Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. The Momentum Range from the company, so far, has proven to be a solid audio device in their own segment, be it over-the-ear, on-ear, in-ear or wireless. The company is finally entering the completely unconnected Bluetooth earbud segment. Let’s take a look at how to rent these real wireless earbuds in our review.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are simply one of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy, with the exception of a few minor, most obscure flaws. The price of these earbuds certainly demands great performance and Sennheiser is not disappointed here. Audio clear and crisp. The normal high-quality sound profile of the Momentum range is maintained, with an additional boost from the new 7mm driver resulting in more controlled and capable audio performance. Tracks such as bass thump are clearly audible Call me By Chris Rhea And Another bites the dust By The queenHowever, it is not irresistible. If you prefer head-banging bases like Beats headphones, these earbuds are not suitable for you. Despite the presence of a prominent alloy, the clarity of audio and instrumentation is by no means compromised. The words of Freddie Mercury (mentioned above) in the song, are clearly audible and if you listen closely you will even hear the sound of breathing, which is great, as these earbuds maintain the integrity of the recorded track.

The middle and high frequencies are impeccably balanced and the sound output is quite normal as mentioned above. These tend to be compatible with any genre, which is an ideal scenario, especially at this price point. The drums sound like big and bold tracks Something from Nothing By Fu Fighters. One frequency never seems to outpace the other and even at higher frequencies the sound never screams. Earbuds are basically perfect, when it comes to sound quality, unless you want your skull to be distracted by irresistible bass and prefer to listen to the finer details of music as they support mid-range instruments and vocals rather than heavy sound. .

One of the features – clear listening – that allows you to hear the environment around you while listening to music, actually amplifies the sounds around you so much, but it doesn’t really matter because you already hear a lot. Running around you because of incompetent isolation. This is probably due to the lack of foam tips. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it would be a nice feature to add because better isolation translates to better immersion overall.

On the other hand, the quality of the call is quite good. The person on the other end could hear very clearly what we were saying. Although we could hear the caller clearly, the maximum call volume was slightly lower than our standard. Earphones are also an absolute dream to use content. These are aptX low latency features, so the media is fully synced We’ve tested it across Netflix and YouTube, as well as downloaded videos, and the results are spectacular. Words bind you, and add an element of reality to the case of words.

Unfortunately, battery life is not great. The earbuds lasted about 3 and a half hours from full charge which is close to the company’s claim, which is 4 hours. The charging case has two extra full charges for the earbuds, which give you about 12 hours of battery life, give or take (take more than claimed).

Design and build

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless removes the Momentum Free earbuds and neck cable in packs with a spanking-new 7mm driver. The earbuds are adorned with silver details interrupted by a magnetic gold dot pattern that fixes them in a charging case with a satisfactory click. The earbuds are lightweight and very easy to secure in your ears They offer a comfortable and snug fit. The boxy shape may indicate an unsafe fit due to the lack of rubber wing tips, however, in our experiments, we have found that earbuds are largely kept despite the lack of build and wing tips unless you are using them during an intense time. Workout sessions. They should do quite well while jogging and traveling.

The aluminum touch panels on the back of the earbud add a certain touch to the design. In addition, they are not as sticky as other Sony and Bose models. The box has three ear tip sizes, we found that the defaults worked well for us, however, if the earbuds do not appear to be ear-protected, you must resize.

The charging case is made of a gray-tone thick fabric with an exquisite heather knit and has the Sennheiser logo smack in the middle. The case is more attractive than standard, matte-black charging cases which are very common. The sheer aesthetics of the charging case is different from what we’ve seen in most real wireless charging cases before, and you can tell Sennheiser has thought a lot about what the case looks like and how it feels in the hand. The cover house has a magnet which closes the case audibly when closed.

There is also a battery level indicator in the USB-C charging and charging case. Right next to the charging port, small light on the back of the case, green if the case is fully charged, yellow if half or more, and red when the battery is running low. The earbuds really depend on the case to perform the most basic functions like turning the power on or off. So, you always have to have it with you. The case, though gorgeous, is a bit heavy and we would have preferred it if Sennheiser’s form factor had worked to reduce it.


Although Sennheiser Momentum True features a number of features to assist with wireless functionality and ease-of-use, they can be a bit daunting to begin with. After a while, however, the earphones set themselves up whenever you pull out of the charging case. Be sure to keep the device you want to connect as the only active Bluetooth connection in the range as this can sometimes be confusing.

Touch controls, though convenient, are not really so intuitive that a few actions require double tap or triple tap, making it difficult to get used to. To set up, you need to touch and hold the back of both earbuds for five seconds to pair with one device. Once you tap on the left earbud, the music will stop and when you tap again, it will start again. In addition, earbuds interrupt music or media when you remove one or both buds from your ear canal. The next track is played by pressing the left key twice and the previous track is played by pressing three times. On the other hand, the right earbud can be used to receive calls and wake up your voice assistant. Holding down the touch panel of the right or left earbud will increase or decrease the volume respectively. We were really dissatisfied with not being able to control the volume properly because holding the bud either increases or decreases the volume quickly and achieving your ideal volume setting can be a bit uncertain.

You can change the EQ settings to your liking using Sennheiser’s Smart Control app. The changes that this app allows are not enough for the average audience However, we found that the default tuning sounded better than our tested options. The app shows you the battery level for each bud and offers control over the transparent listening features. The clear listening feature basically lets you hear what is going on in your environment while you are listening to music. The app allows you to turn off Smart Pause, if you want, but we don’t understand why you want to because the feature is infinitely convenient and it works pretty well.

The last row

Sennheiser offered himself a job to complete the Momentum True Wireless earbuds at an exorbitant price of Rs 24,990 as there was too much pressure to prove their efficiency. However, they did not fail in the slightest. The earbuds have a stylish design, smart controls and professional sound and are a great choice for those who want to live a seamless life with earphones. The price of Apple AirPod is half that of Momentum True Wireless, so if you are an Apple user we would recommend AirPods on top of that. However, for audiofiles, these earphones are the best you can find in this section. In addition to some of the problems mentioned above, Sennheiser has been able to demonstrate their audio skills with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless.

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