Acceptable performance for the price

Petron recently launched a new budget wireless neckband-style earphone, the Petron Tangent Evo. The company is known for its affordable audio products that appeal to the public. Very conservatively priced at Rs 849, Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 and Music + Call Control. So, let’s see how these cheap bluetooth earphones work in our review.

Construction and design

With a price tag of Rs 849 (Rs 799 on Amazon), you wouldn’t expect PTron Tangent Evo wireless earphones to feature high-grade accessories. So, the earphones are basically made of plastic, however, the earbuds have metal housing which looks attractive.

However, the rest of the build seems to be cheap in plastic and touch, as you might expect from budget wireless earphones. The plastic neckband is flexible enough that you can store the earphones in a small bag and the modules are not too heavy either.

The left module has only the PTron logo, but the right has three physical buttons (power, + and -), and a micro-USB charging port, stuck under a small flap. The buttons are touchy and have a satisfying click sound.

The neckband also has two cable adjusters that allow you to reel the cables as needed. When it comes to wires, these are thin, round wires that don’t feel too tight, so if you want the earphones to work properly for more than a year, you need to make sure you use them carefully. If you don’t, the wires can easily break and even break.

After all, buds are tiny and ergonomic. Behind each bud is a magnetic housing that allows the earbuds to attach to each other in the lazy state. The magnets are also quite strong. The earbuds are fitted with comfortable silicone ear gel or earwax, which greatly enhances the fit. The company offers three different sizes of silicone tips (S, M and L) that users can choose from.

We found that the medium ear tips, including the ear gel, gave us an almost perfect fit. The earphones are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end without ear fatigue, and the silicone tips and ear gels ensure a snug fit even when walking and jogging. Unfortunately, these earphones do not come with IP rating, so sweat or rain can damage them.


The Pitron Tangent Evo Bluetooth earphones do not have a ton of features to offer. They come with minimal features like Bluetooth v5.0 connection, 33 feet Bluetooth range (without interruption), music playback and call control, a built-in microphone and 8-hour long battery life. There is also a basic voice prompt to inform users about connection status and battery level.

The three physical buttons on the earphones allow users to pause / play music, answer / reject phone calls, increase / decrease the volume and avoid or go back to the previous track. One feature that is very much missing is the voice assistant support, which we now see in almost every wireless earphone, with a budget like Wings Alpha.

The Petron Tangent Evo comes with micro-USB charging, which is ideal at this price. However, it misses an IP rating, which some budget audio products offer. So, it is safe to say that PTron Tangent Evo is not a feature rich earphone.


Now, in terms of the sound quality of the earphones, it has definitely got a feature warm sound profile with Panchi Bus which is quite common in mid-range price brackets from budget. It’s a decent word profile that won’t blow your mind in any way, but at a price, it’s acceptable.

The alloy reaction is certainly sharp and energetic, however, it is quite muddy. Low and bus bit distorted sound on some tracks. On Mothergen’s Mindstreet, the bass guitar sounded quite noisy. It masked the vocals somewhat by the irresistible shaking of the ditch.

Voices, by themselves, are quite clear and masculine voices, especially clear and sharp words. The female voice is suffering from some ambiguity. The height is quite small, especially at high volume levels. However, the base and the logos must call most of the shots of these earphones, they definitely sound warm. The passive isolation in these earphones is quite good, primarily due to the snag fit of the buds.

The Bluetooth connection is quite good, the connection is stable and there is no lag and skip in the audio. However, sometimes, earphones disconnect from the phone for no reason. We need to go to the Bluetooth menu of the phone and reconnect the earphones manually.

The microphone is the subper and the receiver at the other end says that our voice is slightly mixed and seems to be far away from the microphone. On the other hand, battery life is quite decent. The company claims about 8 hours, but in our experiment we were able to extract about 7 hours of juice from the earphones, which is not bad for wireless in-ear.

The last row

Priced at Rs 849, the earphones are definitely a purchase that is easy on the wallet. While you get a comfortable and snug fit, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and music and call control on the Pitron Tangent Evo earphones, some issues like Moody’s bus, subper microphone performance, lack of voice assistant support and no IP rating give us the hurdle. I sincerely recommend these earphones6 Still, if you only use your earphones to listen to music openly and don’t care too much about features and microphones, then earphones can be a semi-decent affordable pick.

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