Acer Boundless 50 inch 4K LED Smart TV Review: Lost in the Crowd

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Update: 28 December 2021: 4:20 PM: Acer has contacted us to let us know that the TV Restart issue has been caused by an Android update and will be fixed.

In our experience, a 50-inch TV space has a very specific audience. This is for those who think the 43-inch TV is too small while the 55-inch TV can be too big for their entertainment setup. That’s why LG works very well as a gaming monitor / TV in the 48-inch CX (review) or even C1 premium space and we have 50-inch TVs from Redmi, AmazonBasics, iFFALCON, TCL and many more that are trying to fill the void. . For those looking for a 50 inch TV. Today we have the Acer 50-inch boundless TV for review. As of the writing of this review, the TV is available online at Rs 32,999 but you can get it at Rs 29,999. The TV has support for 4K resolution and HDR 10 but misses Dolby Vision. Is this a good option to consider, or is it lost in a sea of ​​budget 50-inch TVs?

At a glance Acer 50-inch boundless TV glasses

Panel size: 50-inch (available in 43 and 55-inch screen sizes)
Panel type: VA with D-LED backlighting
Panel resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K
Panel refresh rate: 60Hz
HDR 10 support: Yes
HDR 10+ support: Yes
Dolby Vision Support: No.
Weight: 9.9 kg
HDMI port: 3
USB port: 2
Bluetooth: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Ethernet: Yes
Speaker: 24W
Built-in storage: 16GB
Price: MRP: 32,999 (Price on Flipkart)

Acer 50-inch boundless TV display panel and picture quality

The Acer 50-inch Boundless TV has DLED backlighting and no dimming zone. In our experiments, we found that the TV’s maximum brightness is above 300-nits, which is not impressive for HDR content. However, as we mentioned in our Realme 43-inch 4K TV review, HDR performance on a budget TV has reached a point where the experience may be acceptable, especially if this is your first experience. As much as possible. Also, as we mentioned in our OnePlus U1 (review) and Samsung QN90A reviews, there is no harm in not supporting Dolby Vision as long as HDR performance is good. With a peak brightness of just over 300 nits, we can’t expect to see detailed specular highlights in HDR content, but the content isn’t too dull either. We will detail below.

Maximum brightness of Acer TV

Above: Maximum Brightness of Acer Boundless TV via Portrait Display Callman

Acer TV Colorchecker Analysis.

Above: Colorchecker analysis in movie presets

Acer TV Colorchecker Analysis Standard Preset.

Above: Colorchecker analysis in standard presets

An interesting thing to note is that the 2pt Grayscale Delta error in the preset of the movie is quite low but the RGB balance for this is everywhere. In ColorChecker analysis, the average delta error is quite high in movie presets and it also translates into real-world performance, but we’ll talk about some settings that can help you get the best experience from TV.

Acer TV Grayscale 2pt

Acer TV Grayscale Multi.

Acer TV Saturation sweeps.

4K and HDR performance

Starting with 4K and HDR performance, as we mentioned above, the TV does not support Dolby Vision so our content from Netflix, Apple TV and much more has been played on HDR 10. The performance of the HDR 10 lacked the punch that one would expect. Movie presets, the content looks a bit dull than my favorite. Switches colors to standard or dynamic presets, and backlighting changes color temperature to show a slightly cooler bias. This can be easily corrected by warming the color temperature. For HDR content I recommend using standard presets with warm color temperature to get a slightly brighter image with decent colors. One more thing we noticed is that standard and dynamic presets have the same functionality for many content.

Acer TV supports HDR not Dolby Vision.

For movie presets, the backlighting dropped to 60, and when we tried and came back to 100, the performance was not like the standard preset with warm color temperature. Just so you know, backlighting is at 100 in the standard preset.

Acer TV can play HDR 10+ content from Prime Video.

With the exception of content such as The Dark Knight Rises and Altered Carbon, the content we used in HDR was decent enough, with many dark sequence details missing, especially if these dark sequences had some special highlights. So, if you experience a lack of HDR functionality in the TV, I recommend connecting an external device such as the Fire TV Stick (review) and switching to HDMI settings 1.4 and taking content to the SDR for a better experience.

SDR playback

Speaking of SDR content, the TV can do a good job of representing it. Simply put, use movie presets for movies because it does a decent job of presenting the colors well. So, in movies like Spider-Man Homecoming and Mission Impossible Rogue Nation you will find good color and skin tone. In some cases, it may look a little warmer than it needs to be, but considering the price, it’s okay. We’ve seen TVs like the Philips PUT8215 (Review) perform very well on the SDR for color, especially with skin tone reproduction.

Acer TV SDR playback

In some SDR content, such as Young Sheldon and other TV shows, the standard preset works even better with neutral color temperature. So, if you watch news and daily TV shows, the standard preset works even better.


The Acer Boundless TV does not have a dedicated game mode in the photo settings, but the TV is recognized when paired with a PS5 (review). For photo presets, I recommend going to settings, choosing a ‘personal’ profile and turning off all post-processing and warming up the color temperature. In my opinion, it looks best in the colors of the game, although a little warmer than I would like. But the overall performance of the TV can be described as decent.

Acer TV HDMI input

PS5 settings on Acer TV

In a game like Spider-Man Miles Morales (review) you miss the punchy highlights found on a slightly more expensive TV, but the experience on this TV is not bad. However, it has weak contrasts. So, if you are swinging towards the sun in the game, and the dark shadows are cast, the shadows look darker than they should. But then again, a game like Ghost of Tsushima (review) has a slightly higher black layer to make it easier to see content in the dark, which is fine for this price.

Acer TV PS5 Gaming.

TV may not be ideal for gaming, but it does get the job done for casual gamers.

Acer TV Details

Audio performance

If there is one place where the TV is damaged, it is the sound output. You have 24W sound output and the vocals are clear mixed audio and high octave opportunity sequences or even orchestral scores in movies make me want more. For everyday activities like news and TV shows, you should be fine. Channel separation is also weak, especially if you watch 12-minute races on Ready Player One. The TV supports ARC output from HDMI port 1, but it is not labeled as a miss.

The Acer TV has a sound output of 24W.


Let’s figure out the worst way. Many times when using content from streaming services the TV was randomly restarted on me. This has often happened enough for me to mention it. In addition, the UI has served its purpose. Out of the box TV running on Android TV 9 gives you access to the Play Store for all your streaming needs. Switching between apps worked well enough and we encountered some standard and slowdown that we could expect from a budget TV but nothing that did not break the experience (except for random restarts).

Acer TV runs on Android TV 9.

The remote control has a dedicated button for Google Assistant and when the heartbeat takes longer than I want to respond, it’s consistent with what we’ve experienced from the TV in the 30K price range.

Remote control

Acer 50-inch TV remote control.

The remote control that comes with the TV has a somewhat concave design that gives it a good grip. The remote control is compact and easy to use with dedicated OTT hotkeys for Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and TikiLive. You’ll find standard instruction buttons, Google Assistant, Home, and more. There’s also a volume rocker and I hope the mute button stays close to the rocker, but hey, there’s at least one dedicated mute button.

Construction and design

Acer TV has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for your connection needs.

Considering it’s a budget TV, I didn’t expect anything outstanding from the build. It has 2 plastic feet that hold it. It has a plastic shell and a relatively thin bezel on three sides. All the ports are facing. For connectivity, the TV has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, optical out, Ethernet port, antenna port, 3.5mm audio and an AV in port. If the TV is mounted on the wall, it may not be easy to reach the port, so cable management should be considered in advance. TV 2 is placed in place of plastic feet.

Acer TV table feet.

The last row

Acer Boundless 50-inch TVs rarely cross the boundaries of the budget TV segment. This is another budget TV with a good SDR performance, average HDR output and a decent smart TV experience. To put things in perspective, its HDR performance is better than what we saw on Blaupunkt Cybersound TV (review). Audio output is acceptable for everyday content and the gaming experience on Acer Boundless TV is decent. But then again, the overall experience is that the Redmi TV is a bit better at the 50-inch which is a bit more expensive than the Acer. Redmi TV also supports Dolby Vision. You can see an alternative to the AmazonBasics 50-inch TV as well, however, the AmazonBasics TV does not support ARC but it does support Dolby Vision. At 3000 to 5000 rupees you can get a 50-inch TV with a smooth UI and better sound output with some more features.

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