Adds AI capabilities to Microsoft Office 365 products

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

Microsoft has added insights to Excel, introduced a new acronym feature for MS Word, and will allow users to automatically extract searchable text from images, including text in image search.

The suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps will now come with a set of new intelligent features. Introducing Microsoft Excel, a machine learning based feature, Insignts. This will help users to “discover insights from data, use organizational knowledge, arrive on time for events and much more”. Excel Insights will automatically highlight the patterns identified in the data. The feature will be driven by machine learning and will help to identify trends, outliers and other visualizations. Microsoft says Insights will provide a new and useful look at data and will begin rolling out in Office Previews this month.

The company has also released Microsoft Word acronyms, which scrutinize documents and emails used to understand internal abbreviations used in an organization. The feature will launch in Word Online for Office 365 commercial customers in 2018. Microsoft is bringing Cortana to the Outlook mobile app to help users make their appointments. Users will be notified of upcoming appointments and Outlook will now send out a notification that will show directions for both driving and public transit. Outlook’s ‘Time to Live’ feature is currently being rolled out to iOS users this month, but only in markets where Cortana is available.

Microsoft has also introduced a feature called Text in Images with Intelligent Search. The company says it will automatically extract searchable text from images and help users find content from business cards and receipts. The ‘text in image’ search is currently underway and will be available to all Office 365 commercial customers by the end of December.

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