Adobe Literoom is now available on Apple’s Mac App Store

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Adobe’s professional apps are integrated with the Creative Cloud app, but now, Lightroom can be downloaded directly from the Mac App Store

Creative professionals will be happy to hear that Adobe Lightroom has entered the Mac App Store. Adobe’s professional photo editing application can now be downloaded directly from Apple’s own store. This may not seem like much, but it is a promising step by Adobe.

Currently, if you want to download a professional application from Adobe, you need to do so through the Creative Cloud application, which is a separate download from the Adobe website. Now that Lightroom is available directly from the Mac App Store, it will save a significant number of additional steps for Mac users.

Adobe Lightroom is a complete photo editing application, known as Lightroom Classic. The app can be used for free for one week, after which, you must pay $ 9.99 monthly. Interestingly, this subscription is paid through Apple’s in-app purchasing system, and not directly to Adobe.

This is the first of Adobe’s professional apps to return to the Mac App Store, which is a good sign for Mac users. The last time Adobe Apps was available on the Mac App Store was in 2012, when Adobe was actually selling its applications as a standalone program. Even since it switched to the subscription model under the Creative Cloud banner, Adobe’s applications can only be downloaded through the Creative Cloud desktop app. Adobe makes it notoriously difficult for applications to come up with individual installer files.

Apple is pushing for more acceptance of its Mac App Store usage through new directions of editorial content to highlight offers in the App Store. Lightroom is now available in the App Store, and we hope to find more professional Adobe applications outside of the Creative Cloud application.

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