AKG K245 Studio Headphones Review: Affordable Professional Studio Monitor

April 2, 2022 0 Comments

One of the oldest brands in the headphone business, AKG was first established in 1940 in Vienna, Austria. The brand’s parent company, Herman International, was acquired by Samsung and since then AKG has boasted a more modern identity. Priced at Rs 9,999 on Amazon, the AKG K245 is an open-back, wired headphone in the range of AKG’s foldable studio monitors, including the K175 and K275. This open-back version is considered more suitable for long listening sessions as the open-back nature reduces the listening fatigue and does not cause reddening of the user’s ears over time. Let’s see how these relatively affordable, professional studio monitors perform in our experiments.

Construction and design

The AKG K245 looks mainly black and elegant enough. The AKG logo is located on the back of each ear cup with the model name and the words ‘Professional Studio Headphones’. The words are engraved in white and silver and are quite interesting to look at. The Earcup House is a finely perforated metal that gives headphones its open-back quality. It looks technically designed but doesn’t compromise on style. They use a variety of materials in construction – leather fabric for headbands, plastic for headband straps and metal for earpacks.

The headband is a unique construction game with the band continuing to adjust the head with two straps while the frame is covered. The result is that the headphones are very easy to adjust even after being firmly placed on the user’s head, something that many headphones are not capable of.

Headbands, however, do not sport the traditional memory foam padding. Yet, wearing them for extended periods of time, surprisingly, does not create a hotspot on the head. Earcups, on the other hand, have soft, plush memory foam that wraps nicely around the reviewer’s ear, providing a comfortable fit. However, for the big ears, these earcups certainly seem a bit inadequate. If you have big ears, you may feel somewhat constricted when these headphones are on.

The headphones are also extremely flexible and flexible. Earpacks can be folded inwards for some extra portability. They rotate 180-degrees which ensures that the cups sit flat on a table or on your chest, when not in use. Additionally, we have separated the earcups and they have sufficient flex without any signs of cracking.

The product comes with a mini XLR plug with a spiral cable that connects to the headphones and a gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack at the other end. The cable stretches quite a bit and avoids tangle-like tangles, but it does feel a bit heavy.


Packed with 50mm transducers, the AKG K245 must be tilted more towards the shaft and lower than the mid and high. Alloy breeding, though exaggerated, though not muddy or serious. Instead, alloy notes are reproduced with precision. Despite the punchy alloy reaction, they do a good job of not masking the midges.

The sound profile is not as neutral as that of a traditional studio monitor, however, the frequencies are quite balanced overall. Mid is quite detailed and such tracks Shine on By Pink Floyd Primitive sound mid-range instruments and vocal complexities are well maintained. However, in the middle of the top, sometimes, can get some peaks, which is strange because the triplets are quite weak on them.

Triplets are their only major weakness in these headphones. This frequency range lacks drive and excitement resulting in treble-heavy tracks such as All over the world By King of Leon Terrible and lazy sound

The soundstage expected from the open-back, studio monitor is quite spacious and also has some decent heights. Headphones have an aerial listening quality that makes the tracks enjoyable, regardless of genre. Imaging is very accurate as heard in such crowd tracks Selkis By Buried and between me.

Being open-back, it is clear that they lack a lot of passive isolation. These headphones are not intended to be everyday drivers, and it is not advisable to use them while traveling, as external noises will definitely interfere with your listening experience. Fortunately, the leak is highly controlled for open-back headphones, so you don’t have to worry about annoying your deskmates too much.

The last row

The AKG K245 open-back studio monitors are a very efficient pair of headphones and also have a relatively affordable price tag. These look aesthetically pleasing and professional, however, for those with large ears, the fit can be a bit dull. Sound quality is not neutral, it is certainly base-boosted, however, this nature does not interfere with the expected mid. Triple performance, however, is dull. Overall, these headphones are quite good for sound professionals, as they are mostly phonologically accurate and do not tire the user even with extended use.

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