Amazon Echo Show 10 Review: Amazon’s Sophisticated Smart Display

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The Amazon Echo Show 10 is the company’s unique Alexa-enabled smart speaker + smart display. Equipped with motion tracking, the display automatically encounters you when making calls, watching videos, giving commands, and more. The Echo Show 10 uses audio and camera signals so that the screen is directly in front of the user. This product surpasses the common smart displays that are usually fixed screens. Adding an intuitive feature to follow the user that sets the Echo Show 10 from Get-Go to other smart displays. Priced at Rs 24,999, though it is not an affordable device. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Wondering how to practice Amazon Echo Show 10 rental? Find out.

Construction and design

The Amazon Echo Show 10 looks nothing like previous models in the Echo Show lineup. The Echo Show 10 fuses the cylindrical shape of Amazon Studio or Amazon Echo with the tablet shape of the previous genre of Echo Show models. So, it basically has two separate parts – the speaker system at the bottom and the 10.1-inch display at the top.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review

One of the most unique features that sets the Echo Show 10 apart is that the display rotates automatically using the user’s visual and audio signals. So, walk around a room while watching a recipe or making a video call, and the screen will follow perfectly around you so that it is always visible to you. Users can manually tilt the display as needed. The display can even capture and zoom you better during video calls.

Amazon Eco Show 10 Review: Build

Below the speaker is a brushless motor that allows it to rotate 350-degrees. The device scans for any obstacles along the way during the set-up process and then sets a safe rotation radius. We will talk about how accurate the rotation process is in the next section. Below the speaker part is a grill fabric material that feels quite premium to the touch. It has two front-firing 1-inch Twitter that works alongside a 3-inch Upper.

On the front of the display, there is a microphone and a 13-megapixel camera for call and auto-rotation technology. The camera quality for the smart display is quite decent and the video is captured. The camera is also used as a home security camera, allowing users to view a live feed from the Alexa app. This makes for a nice decent temporary baby cam or safety cam, especially since you can rotate the display around the room where the smart display is set up via the Alexa app.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review: Display

The screen has a 1280 x 800 resolution which is not as crisp as a dedicated tablet but it does the job well here. The display is accurate enough in color and enjoyable enough to watch Netflix or make video calls. The display comes equipped with automatic brightness adjustment. However, it is quite reflective which can be a problem if you have bright light looking at it.

Amazon Eco Show 10 Review: Construction and Design

For buttons, they’re all at the top of the screen. There are physical buttons for volume level, mute remote microphones and a sliding shutter covering the camera for privacy. There is a power socket at the bottom of the device with a small gap for passing through the charging cable The device has no battery and always needs to be plugged in to stay on.


Let’s talk a little more about Amazon Echo Show 10’s unique party trick – the automatic rolling screen. The screen is designed to follow you around the room in which it is placed so that it is always visible to the user as well as to frame the user when making video calls with Alexa app or Skype or other echo devices / devices. The camera sets data points to identify the user within its field of view and then rotates the position facing them while activating. When there are more than one person in the room, the display is located in a corner that is comfortable for most people.

When testing this feature, we consider it to be moderately accurate if there is one person in the room. In this case there is minimal shaking and shaking and it does not take much time to re-position itself. There may be instances where the display overshoots and faces you at a strange angle but this is rare when you are alone. However, as soon as more people are added to the mix, we find that the display struggles to properly position itself and makes a lot of shaking movements to try to position itself at the right angle. This can be a problem when you have video calls with multiple people around you. Motion tracking fails even in a dark room.

During your initial set-up process, you can adjust the maximum angle you want to rotate the display, which is quite nifty for you when you want to place it against the wall. Since it will not be able to rotate a full circle behind a wall, you can set a safe range of motion. If you want to move your Echo Show 10, you can reset it at any time in the settings menu.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review: Privacy Shutter

As for all its privacy aspects, Amazon says that captured images are processed on a single device and none of them are stored by Amazon. You can use the sliding privacy shutter for the camera whenever you want, however, it also turns off the motion tracking feature.

The feature is definitely useful when you are watching a Netflix or YouTube video, making video calls and much more. The 13-megapixel camera is also great for video calls which produces clear and detailed shots that can be rare even on some dedicated tablets. We used the device as a security cam and enjoyed spying on our colleagues in the Digit Test Lab. You can also use other communication features like ‘drop in’, announcement and voice call, all of which worked flawlessly.

Now, it’s still an Alexa-capable smart speaker / display, so we tested it too. The bonus of having a screen is that you get Alexa vocal feedback as well as visual hints for your question / request. You can watch a song album art, weather details, search related images, full TV shows on Netflix and much more. One complaint though, the display doesn’t come with a native YouTube app and runs through the Eco’s built-in browser, which doesn’t view or perform. Also, Alexa can easily understand most of the commands that you threw at her and can now respond to commands in Hindi!

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review: Features

For music, you can stream through services like Hangama Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and Geosavon. You can do other basic things that most Amazon smart speakers allow, such as setting alarms and timers, listening to audiobooks in audio, noting shopping lists, retrieving information from the Internet, and enabling several Alexa skills. You even have the option to pair your phone with the Echo Show 10 and use it as a variety of Bluetooth speakers, though not unplugged from its power source.

Like the fourth-generation Amazon Echo, the Echo Show 10 comes with a built-in Zigby Hub for a wide range of smart home device compatibility. So, you can connect smart devices like light bulbs, door locks, switches, plugs, refrigerators and much more without the need for separate hubs, apps or skills.

The device also has a feature called Alexa Guard that uses a microphone to monitor its surroundings for sounds like smoke alarms or glass breaking. This will send a warning to the user when it picks up a word that can be infinitely effective.


At its core, the Amazon Echo Show 10 is a smart speaker despite having impressive display capabilities and motion tracking features. Which means, the word is an integral part of the equation and the overall experience. Featuring dual front-firing Twitter and an UFO, the Echo Show 10 is not much of an upgrade in this category compared to the standard, latest-gen Echo speakers that have a 3-inch UFO and two 0.8-inch Twitter.

Amazon Echo Show 10 Review: Performance

The overall sound signature is warm but blocking a portion of the screen speaker so the sound can be a bit low at low volume. At higher volumes, the speaker has minimal distortion but the sound is slightly shorter or sharper. The device easily fills a medium-sized room with sound but the sound isn’t as obsessive as Google Nest Audio or even Amazon’s own Echo Studio. However, the clarity of the sound is quite great despite the screen moving due to the tweeters moving away with it.

Base notes can be a bit overwhelming in the mix, especially in high volume although you can use an equalizer to adjust the layers if you wish. In some songs, kick drums may sound a bit overwhelming, but lowering the volume will help. The midges, however, are well-presented with sufficient detail obtained from lead instruments and vocals, and with minimal distortion from the base notes. Since the midges are also quite stressed, the stressed lows do not affect them very much. Overall, while the speaker produces decent, warm sound, the clarity is somewhat sluggish.


With a premium price tag of Rs 24,999, you will find similar premium features on Amazon Echo Show 10 – Motion Tracking. The ability of the speaker to get back to you and follow you when needed in certain situations like video calls, watching shows and much more is extremely nifty. Combining this feature into a smart display already enhances its functionality a bit. The 13-megapixel camera is also great for video calls, creating a nice seamless experience with the ability to pan and zoom display during calls. Also, this device doubles as a security camera as well as saves you from investing in both cases. However, if music is your primary concern, you may want to consider Amazon Eco Studio or Google Nest Audio instead.

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