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Norton Mobile Security Detailed Review

More and more first-time users of technology are enjoying the Internet, online services, digital communications and other benefits that we receive through smartphones. And unlike desktop PC users who are already aware of installing a security suite on their Windows PCs, smartphone users are largely unaware of the online survival threats and basic requirements for security solutions for their smartphones or tablets. Through this brief review, we are trying to fill this knowledge gap. See here what Norton has saved for us.

Note: All ratings are for Android users only, because iOS apps are not so comprehensive and Apple refuses to believe that their devices need protection.

While scanning us, Norton performed almost optimally by identifying what we threw. A complete scan took about 25 seconds but seems to be scanning only the apk file even though the parameter was set to include an SD card for scanning. During the web security test, it automatically detected the malicious website and blocked it, which others failed to do. Credit to the Norton community? Except for the first test on that website, it has blocked everyone else. Parental controls can be added with the installation of the Norton Family app which is really strong in terms of security and control. What frustrated us was that Norton did not block spam banners and ads on websites, even after clearing our web security with maximum points. During all this activity, it consumes about 160MB when running in the foreground and scanning and about 50MB when running in the background. We must say quite a bit on the resources.

Norton Kaspersky Trend Micro
Price Rs 571 Rs.599 Rs 349
Wicker Test score 11 0 9
Battery cost 2% 2% 5%
Foreground RAM 160MB 110MB 222MB
Background RAM 50MB 83MB 18MB

Norton brings a power-packed security app with an app advisor that will alert you about apps installed on your device. It may also integrate with the Google Play Store where it scans and receives data from the Norton community prior to installation which provides information about security issues and risks that the app may carry during installation. It provides protection against malware by scanning your phone which can be scheduled as well as complete web protection. Like everyone else, the antitheft feature is integrated with the Pro version of the app. Additionally, it lets you back up your contacts online and block spam calls to the device by setting up a filter list. In stark contrast to its Android app, the app’s splash screen on iOS looks outdated and features have been reduced. The Secure ID app comes with just two basic features that include strict security, including recoverable password protection. There is a secure browser built-in, too.

Design and usability
Redesigned its layout since last year, it has a very clean and minimal look. The first screen shows the status, dragging it down will start a scan. Swipe left to get the app’s security screen, and swipe more to browse through web security, system tuning features, license screens, and more. While testing the anti-theft features, it seems to be able to detect the phone quite accurately and find other options. Send SMS command, lock, delete, take a sneak peek, ring etc. are configured. Like others, Norton can be given the rights of device administrator to prevent anyone from uninstalling.

Norton Mobile Security is one of the best performing antivirus of all time for Android. The total scan time was quite short and it did quite well in our real-time security testing and the scores were a good indicator of this result. Also, Norton is the only antivirus to provide a wide range of parental control options through the Norton Family PC client.

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