Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) with more free storage, verified boot and data

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Google says there are more than 200 Android Go devices available in 120+ countries. More than 100 manufacturers plan to release Android Go devices before the end of the year.

Google has announced the next iteration of Android (Go version). As expected, with each new version of Android, a Go version of that operating software will be launched for low-end hardware, especially devices with 512MB to 1GB RAM. In keeping with its promise, Google has now announced Android 9 Pie (Go Edition), which will answer the Android Oreo (Go Edition). Google recently unveiled Android 9 Pike for Pixel users, and several other Android smartphone makers have released a timeline for when their devices will receive the Android P update.

Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) has improved a lot compared to Android Oreo (Go Edition). Google wrote in a blogpost that Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) will bring an additional 500MB of storage outside the box, fast device boot time, top-of-the-line security features like verified boot, and an accessible dashboard. For data cost tracking and monitoring.

Google claims that the free storage space available on Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) will be “double what you get on a non-Go version phone”. Google hopes that this will increase the performance of the new optimized OS powered smartphone. “Collectively, these features help solve some of the most common pain problems for owners of entry-level devices: storage, performance, data management, and security,” Google wrote in its blogpost.

In the same blog post, Google also reviewed its Android Go-optimized apps. An important part of the StripDown OS is the Go app, which is optimized for smooth running on low-end / entry-level smartphones. Google has already released Go versions of most of its own apps, including Google Go, Maps Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Files Go and Like. All of these apps have been optimized to run smoothly with up to 1GB of RAM They take up less space than their full version found in the Play Store.

With Go Edition apps, Google offers a redesigned Play Store highlighting lightweight apps, but that doesn’t mean that full versions of the apps won’t be supported on phones running Android Go. Google has made it clear that the apps will run as long as the developer enables support for the hardware.

Google has not announced how and when Android 9 Oreo (Go Edition) smartphones like Nokia 1, Micromax Bharat Go, Lava Z50 and others will get Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) update. However, the company said that the first Android P (Go version) phones will be released sometime in the autumn.

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