Android O Beta is now available for select Pixel and Nexus devices

Android and Beta improve the basics of Android and focus on key areas such as battery life, security, startup time, and stability.

At Google I / O 2017, the search giant has finally announced the release of the next major software beta in the first public beta of Android O. The beta version of Android O comes two months after the developer preview was announced in March. This is the second year in a row that Google has made its upcoming OS available in a public beta and it can be downloaded to eligible Pixel or Nexus devices by signing up to

Improves the basics of Android and Android and brings new features like notification dots, PIP mode and autofill enhancement. Google made significant improvements to notifications with Android Nougat last year, and this year, Notification Dots is a small circle that sits in the corner of an app icon indicating to users that the app contains an unread notification. Users can then long press to view them as a pop-up window or dismiss them without leaving the desktop.

Last year, with Android N, Google introduced multi-window support, and with Android O, it was introducing picture-in-picture mode. The feature puts a small video box on top of the desktop when other apps are open. The feature basically allows users to continue watching their YouTube or Netflix videos while performing other tasks, such as sending emails.

Google has also shown how small improvements can really make sense in day-to-day operations. Along with Android O, Google is bringing the Autofill feature already available in the company’s Chrome desktop browser. Once enabled, the system will guess relevant content such as username and password or credit card information for the autocomplete application. Google has also shown a selection of smart text, which will highlight the entire segment in terms of names, telephone numbers and addresses. The feature will also offer suggested apps like Dialer or Maps depending on the selection.

While the features of the Android O do not appear to be groundbreaking, Google says it is focusing on key features such as battery life, security, start-up time and stability. Vitals is a new feature available for Play that allows developers to identify issues that affect phone security, battery life. Google says Android is being used by 2 billion active devices and the new features that come with Android O will further enhance the overall user experience.

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