Android P may restrict applications from tracking network activity

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

According to a new promise from the Android Open Source Project, Google will block apps targeting API Level 28 from accessing network files.

Google will launch its I / O 2018 Annual Developer Conference on May 8, where we expect the company to make a number of announcements. The next installation of Android P, Android OS is also expected to appear there and before its release, XDA developers have noticed a new commitment in the Android Open Source project. This suggests that a long-running privacy error could be patched with Android P because apps will be restricted from accessing activity network files, which stores details of other apps connected to the Internet. Currently, Android apps have unrestricted access to network activity files on a device and do not need to access them without permission.

According to the report, AOSP promised to start the process of “proc / net locking”, where / proc / net contains a bunch of output from the kernel regarding network activity and stated that there are currently no restrictions. In the apps to access it. Restrictions will apply to Android’s SELinux rules targeting applications running on API Level 28 Android P and only designated apps will be able to access some of these files. Other applications seeking access to network files will be monitored by the system, and for compatibility purposes, XDA says apps targeting less than 28 API levels will still have full access, until it becomes mandatory for apps to target APIs in 2019. Level 28.

Android P is currently available as a developer preview and comes with built-in support for devices with a notch on the top of the display. There are also reports that Google is working on gesture-based navigation support for Android P, such as the iPhone X, so that OEMs have the option to get rid of physical buttons and provide users with more screen real estate. At I / O 2018, Google is expected to officially unveil Android P and take a look at how this gesture-based navigation will work on upcoming devices.

Speaking of the Google I / O event, the company will host it at the Shoreline Amphitheater, located at Google’s Mountain View headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area. We will cover the event in detail and report everything being announced. You can read what we can expect from Google I / O 2018 here.

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