Apple AirPods 2 Review: Really wireless, really premium

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Apple AirPods 2 detailed review

The second generation of Apple AirPod is thought to be equipped with many new features. Although the most significant change is a new wireless charging case, the audio capabilities of the earphones and the battery life have also been significantly improved. However, it remains to be seen whether the addition of new features will affect the audio capabilities of the new AirPods, or how.

In the box

Apple AirPods
Wireless charging case
Standard Lightning Wire

Construction and design

AirPods take the cake when talking about build and design. Earphones are made of hard plastic which is not only durable but also shiny and quite shiny. These are made to turn heads and while reviewing, I noticed people hanging from my ears. However, the only problem with their design is their specific shape without the ability to use eartip. Although the airpods are designed to fit almost everyone, I felt uncomfortable after using them for only 15 minutes, which is definitely an inconvenience. Trying to fit them properly in my ears to get the best audio experience was literally a painful experience. This can be a single problem because of my small ear canals, because none of my coworkers who tried them had the same problem. However, I would suggest that you try them out before buying to make sure they are not uncomfortable.

They were suitable for all members of my team but hit my ears and my feelings in the process

The cans are not water or sweat resistant and have very low passive noise ceilings due to the design. Surrounding noise enters easily, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation in case of use. If you use them at work, or when jogging, it may be a good idea to have a nearby sound leak. If you’re on a flight, sitting next to a crying baby, well, not so much. However, we would personally choose a better fit to ensure a better listening experience since the Live Listen feature on an iPhone can be used to amplify ambient sound. The dual-beamforming microphones in the can were able to pick up someone’s voice in a fairly noisy environment and we had no problem picking up calls through the airpod. Additionally, anyone in need can use only one earphone and this has proven to be a great option for me when I want to be more aware of what is happening around me but still want to listen to some tunes.

When it comes to charging cases, it’s like a small, compact and glossy colored can. It is compact enough to fit your pants without being clearly visible and is extremely convenient to open with one hand. We’re highlighting this because some charging cases for real wireless earphones, such as the Jabra Elite Active 65T, are quite difficult to open with one hand.

Small and compact airpod case

The hinge of the AirPods charging case is also magnetic, which opens and closes smoothly without any problems. In addition, Build Quality suggests that using the case for a very long time should not be a problem. However, a major caveat to AirPods and their case is that they tend to scratch and attract grime and dirt. After a day of use we found the SIM and the edge of both the case and the earphones.

These shiny scratches are not so beautiful

The Lightning connector sits at the bottom of the charging case, with a small button on the back to attach it to the devices. The new wireless charging-supported case has a small LED light on the front, which vaguely indicates the earphone and battery life of the case, unless your device is connected to an iPhone.

Audio performance

After listening to second-generation Apple AirPods for weeks, it’s clear that they sound their best when reproducing lower-middle and upper-middle frequencies. With a slightly relaxed V-shaped sound signature, the earphones emphasize the lower and upper extremities of the audio frequency spectrum. Surprisingly, however, the cans still manage to preserve the midges most of the time without losing too much precision. The overall sound output of the earphones varies depending on which genre of music you are listening to, and it is understood that the audio performance of the new AirPod is divided into different sections.

Starting with lower frequencies, the new AirPods have stronger buses but without a quick response. This feature can be seen in titles such as Chris Rhea’s Call on Me, where some details in the lower audio segment are vaguely lost due to the booming bass, causing the bass guitar’s reef erosion to expand somewhat. As a result, there has been some damage in detail, mostly due to the Bumi bus, which overwhelms the lower-middle audio range. As a result, Chris Rear’s pebble-like voice is occasionally mixed. However, we’ve heard of other bass-rich tracks, such as Rudd on Daft Punk’s Lodge Yourself to Dance or Magic Track, where the singer’s voices are in the high-middle and low-high audio ranges and are rendered briefly. Although the alloy of these tracks extends from sub-bus to low-midrange spectrum, it does so without adding extra power to vocal or most other mid-range frequencies.

Although we have already noticed how the base output of second generation AirPods affects its mid-range frequency reproduction, some more observations will be added here. As mentioned, AirPod’s V-type sound signature should downplay the mid-range segment and it does when we talk about low-mid. However, the mid- and upper-midrange devices are less affected by the sound signature and boom bus. Singers like Michael Jackson and Adele sound pleasing and PP without any sharpness when they sing Billy Jean and Hello, respectively.

Newer AirPods are tuned to increase the upper range of the audio frequency, but the tuning is such that they are not rigid or sharp. The sound in this segment is fairly accurate and fast. However, compared to the upper-middle it has the upper-hips rolling smoothly and a bit looser with the tone down. Smooth roll-off is observed when listening to Earthquake by Labrinth, while Yellow by Coldplay feels a little more comfortable. However, after listening to music through earphones for a few hours continuously, very little fatigue starts to increase, which we undoubtedly do. In soundstaging, it is not so wide that it is not shallow in airpods. The cans manage to provide almost enough space between the instruments when Hunter listens to Buzzark’s songs, without mashing them.


Features touch-based controls similar to the predecessors of the new AirPods. We’ve paired the earphones with both the Android phone and an iPhone, and the controls worked well in both cases. However, these controls can only be customized when the AirPods are connected to an iPhone. When connected to an iPhone, you’ll find many options, such as the ability to turn on Siri, play / pause audio, and skip a track or go back. Unfortunately, there is no option to control the volume but the new AirPods support Siri and as we have surprisingly discovered, working with Google Assistant, you can ask the digital assistant to do it for you, with many other commands like setting a reminder, an alarm or A contact call.

In addition to dirt, you can see small, round IR sensors next to airpods

Airpods are equipped with dual optical sensors that interrupt audio playback when you pull out an earpiece in your ear. This feature is limited to iOS devices and does not work when the cans are attached to an Android phone.

Battery life

In terms of battery life, the new AirPods are much better and more durable than the original AirPods. We’ve been able to get about five hours of audio playback from them, with the volume set at 70 percent and about 4.5 hours of some 20-minute calls. The case is capable of fully charging four additional bar airpods, meaning newer airpods can be used for more than 20 hours. It takes about an hour and a half to fully top up the charging case when the earphones are completely exhausted, which is compatible with other true wireless earphones.

When you connect the AirPod to an iPhone, you will see the case and the charge of the AirPod

The last row

Apple AirPods 2 comes with a host of new features like the new H1 chip. These new additions make for truly great wireless earphones in both design and usability. While the audio experience isn’t as good as you’ll get from a pair of wired earphones (in this price range), the new AirPods can be considered a good package for a truly wireless earphone.

While the new AirPods aren’t a device that will overwhelm audio purists, it’s enough for the average user and enough to meet your daily audio needs, since you have about 18 18,900 to spend. The value for money offer may be far from ideal for Android users but, for an iOS user, the convenience factor is enough to justify the price. If the price tag of Rs 18,990 is too high, you can get second generation AirPods without charging case and save some money.

However, if you are an Android smartphone, there are better options to explore like Jabra Elite Active 65 (Review) or RHA Trueconnect (Review).

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