Apple CarPlay comes with Google Maps support, Apple Music now works with Android

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Apple CarPlay users will finally be able to use Google Maps and Apple Music has also been updated to work on Android Auto.

Apple recently launched the stable iOS 12 update for its mobile devices. In addition to the new improvements it brings to the table, it adds support for Google Maps with Apple Carplay. OK, not the update but the new version 5.0 of the Google Maps app for iOS brings new functionality for iOS users. Now Apple users will finally have the option of Apple Maps and will be able to use third party mapping services, however, Google has just released an update that enables mapping with CarPlay. Additionally, the latest Apple Music app update for Android now enables it to work with Android Auto.

The latest update of Apple Music for Android smartphones brings functionality to work with Android Auto. There are already plenty of third-party music streaming apps like Saavn, Gaana, Spotify (not yet available in India) and many more that work with Android Auto. However, if Apple prefers music audio streaming service, it is finally working on Android Auto. Keeping in mind the preferences of Android users, Apple has also enabled Apple Music to support microSD card storage, a feature not available on iOS. In addition to Android Auto Compatibility, Apple Music Update will allow users to search by typing song lyrics in the search bar. The feature only works when searching for songs that are available with the Apple Music app’s database. An advanced artist view is now available for the app, which was launched for iOS earlier this month.

Back to Google Maps support for CarPlay, no one will be able to instruct Siri to navigate and control the app. However, it comes with a built-in voice control that can be activated by tapping a button. A new update for CarPlay was announced during WWDC 2018. The company announced that iOS users will finally be able to use third-party navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze and others.

At Google IO 2018, the company released some new visual templates for developers. Android Auto was also updated with some new media search capabilities such as searching for songs using Google Assistant and asking for a live version of a song or a song of the same name but by another artist. Group Messaging and Rich Chat Services (RCS) have also been launched for Android Auto.

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