Apple has announced the MacOS Big Sur with a new design and a strong focus on privacy

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Apple has announced that it will refresh the Mac experience at the WWDC this year under the name Max Big Sur. The update focuses heavily on privacy, minimalism and productivity.

In addition to updates to iOS and iPadOS, Apple has completely refreshed the Mac experience at WWDC this year. Named MacOS Big Sur, the operating system will complement Apple’s historic transformation of Mac into Apple’s ARM-based Apple Silicon, which is set to launch later this year.

MacOS Big Sur has introduced a complete redesign that is new and instantly familiar to Apple. The update focuses heavily on privacy, minimalism and productivity. Check out all the new features on Macs near you here

What’s new in macOS Big Tune?

The biggest design upgrade from Mac OS X to MacOS

The new macOS Big Sur offers a wide range of new designs that make it much easier to navigate the UI. Apple has worked to refine color palettes, window angles and materials. Dock icons are now more compatible with the rest of the Apple ecosystem, with buttons and controls appearing when needed and disappearing when not.

There’s also a new customizable menu bar and a new control center that gives you quick access to controls on the desktop. Notifications are more interactive and widgets now come in different sizes The original macOS apps also got a facelift with new features.

Faster, more privacy-centric safaris

Apple claims that MacOS Big Tune loads Safari webpages 50 percent faster than Chrome. Apple redesigned tabs to show more tabs on the screen, displaying favicon in tabs so you can quickly identify tabs, and giving users a preview of the page by hovering the cursor over tabs.

Safari’s home page is more relevant and personalized. You can sync your iCloud tabs directly to the homepage and get your reading list below. Apply custom wallpapers and translate webpages directly from the address bar

Safari extensions have also been upgraded to work now when needed. Users can choose when and which website can work with the Safari extension,

Collection of more transparent information

macOS Big Sur offers more clarity and control over what data is shared by Mac apps, detailing their privacy practices before downloading the apps. This includes the type of data the app may collect, such as usage, contact information or location, and any data shared with third parties. You can view and block tracking in Safari.

Big update to the native app

Native apps like Message and Apple Maps have also gotten a big facelift and now have more sync with their iOS and iPadOS rivals. In messages, you can pin conversations up for quick access, create and customize memos, reply to threaded messages in group messages, and set a photo or memo as a group icon.

In the case of Apple Maps, the new update brings to iOS 14 everything Apple Apple has announced for Apple Maps, including bike routes, 360-degree views of destinations, detailed indoor maps of major airports and shopping malls, and more.

macOS Big tune availability

The final release of macOS will be sent to Mac PCs and MacBooks in the fall of 2020 as a free software update, and the developer beta of macOS Big Sur will be available on from today. The public beta for the operating system will be available in June alongside public betas for iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and, for the first time, watchOS 7.

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