Apple has announced third-party navigation support for CarPlay in addition to the update

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

With iOS 12, anyone can use third-party apps like Apple’s CarPlay, Google Maps, Waze and more. The Stocks and Voice Memos apps have also been updated and will be available for download on the iPad.

Apple has made a lot of announcements at the WWDC 2018 event and in addition to the big announcements of iOS 12, the company has also unveiled some new and important changes coming to CarPlay, Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos and iBooks (now named Apple Books). )

The new update for CarPlay will eventually add support for third-party navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze and others. Currently, one can only use Apple Maps for directions, but with the new changes, Apple is getting easier and Apple is not completely restricting users of the ecosystem.

The Apple News app has also gotten a little better with a new Browse tab. The app has been redesigned to make it easier to find relevant news.

Plus, the stock app has now moved to the iPad as well as the Voice Memos app. The new version of the stock app has been completely redesigned to help a user keep track of the stock market, including “live stock quotes, charts and the best financial reports from Apple News.” The Voice Memos app will soon be able to sync directly with iCloud for easy access to recordings across Apple devices.

Finally, the new Apple Books features a completely refreshed design for discovering, reading books and listening to audiobooks. Not too many new additions, the app now comes with a “read now” feature, which shows a user where they left off. This option was long overdue for the app because it is already present among other ebook readers in the App Store.

In addition to the updates mentioned in its app, Apple has also introduced the automatic strong password feature. It is said that it automatically generates and stores complex passwords for all user apps and websites in Apps and Safari, respectively, so that anyone can use strong passwords without remembering them. There is also a security code autofill option, which displays one-time passcodes as autofill advice for the convenience of the user.

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