Apple has rolled out iOS 9.2 public beta 2 with bug fix

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

The new update includes security patches and a functional update to Safari, where you can now swipe pages with a swipe.

Apple has rolled out the public beta 2 of iOS 9.2. The update has been running since yesterday, and all participants in the Apple iOS beta program have probably received the update notification so far. In the latest update, Apple has fixed a number of bugs, including the ability to swipe left pages open in Safari, as well as improvements to the iCloud Keychain and Apple Watch apps.

Apple has launched the iOS 9 beta program for the first time with iOS 9, giving those who have signed up for the program a preview before releasing updated versions of the OS to the public. Public beta programs are constantly being updated by Apple, with increasing bug fixes and fine tuning that further refine the operating system. With the first beta release of iOS 9, the OS had more bugs and imperfections than ever before.

Apple is accelerating its iOS 9 beta program, moving to the iOS 9.1 beta program with the universal launch of iOS 9. Since its first launch, Apple has improved spotlight search, graphic details, search bar misplacement and many other bugs that have slowed down the process considerably. iOS 9 has also seen a security flaw that gives users a loophole to gain unauthorized access to photos and contacts. The guilt has been covered, ever since.

New features added to iOS 9 include a number of functional improvements, app thinning, Apple Music, photo filmstrip, six-digit passcode, a modified version of the note where you can write and format titles and body text. While iOS 9.2 Public Beta 2 is a minor incremental update, its major improvements include adding swipe dismissals to Safari and making the iCloud keychain more secure. Nevertheless, given the pace of beta updates, a new update is likely to be introduced in the next fortnight.

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