Apple iOS 10.3 Beta: Discover My AirPods, Siri Cricket Stats and other new features

Apple has launched iOS 10.3 beta version for iPhone and iPad which makes it easy to find missing AirPods. The latest beta version allows users to identify the company’s latest wireless earbuds using the Find My iPhone app. The process works like finding an iPhone with the option to play sound on one or both AirPads. The app uses the location of the user’s iPhone or iPad and Bluetooth to find AirPods, which can be seen as one of the primary downsides. If the AirPods are stuck inside the case or need to be recharged or out of any range of your iOS devices, the Find My iPhone app will only show the last recorded location.

Apple AirPods are wireless earbuds that users can easily see falling off their ears. Since its introduction, many users have asked for the ‘Find My AirPods’ feature and the company seems to have provided it with a new beta rollout.

IOS 10.3 Beta also offers other new features such as the ability to ask Siri for Indian Premier League cricket scores and statistics. At WWDC 2016, Apple made Siri available to third-party developers for deeper integration with their apps. The beta update that has been rolled out today shows different possibilities.

With iOS 10.3 Beta, Siri can be used to check payment and bill status through third-party payment apps. Users can also schedule rides using Siri through various ride-booking apps. The beta version of iOS also brings enhancements to CarPlay, which replaces any car’s touchscreen dashboard with Apple’s iOS interface.

Apple uses beta rollouts to test new features and to squash bugs found in previous versions. Features currently in beta should soon be available as a general rollout for all Apple device users.

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