Apple iOS 11.1.1 update auto-fix bug fixing roll out, “Hey Siri” issue

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

The iOS 11.1.1 update fixes some users typing the letter “I” and fixes it automatically to an A [?]

Apple has launched the iOS 11.1.1 update for iPhones and iPads users. This fixes an annoying automatic correction bug and the “Hey Siri” command is not working for some users on their device. The patch contains only the two bug fixes mentioned above. Automatic correction problem or predictive keyboard bug changed the letter “I” to “A” [?]For some users. This bug was discovered shortly after the release of iOS 11.1.

The iOS 11.1.1 update does not come with a security solution and many users were hoping to fix the reported battery drain issue with iOS11. To download the update, users need to go to their device settings app and look for software updates under the General tab. Our update is about 50MB in size.

Apple released the iOS 11.1 update on November 1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch It’s a big update that introduced more than 70 new emojis to Apple’s mobile operating system and brought back the 3D Touch gesture for multitasking. Other additions include improvements to accessibility options and bug fixes for some known issues.

Apple has reintroduced the 3D Touch Multitasking gesture for iPhone 6s or later device users with the iOS 11.1 update. Users can now enter the app switcher by pressing the left edge of the display with pressure, or switch between recent apps by pressing left to right. Gestures work differently on the new iPhone X.

The company is currently testing the iOS 11.2 update in a beta program and it will come with a new feature called Apple “Pay Cash”. The feature was announced earlier this year and will allow users to send and receive cash within the messaging app on their iPhones.

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