Apple is introducing five new features in iOS 10

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Of late, Apple has gone out of steam with some innovation. Last year, Apple made a big splash with the 3D Touch, a dual-pressure touch introduced on its iPhones and later, MacBook trackpads. This year, Apple is working to refine its rough edges and make its hugely popular mobile operating system smarter and more intuitive. The changes Apple is presenting with iOS 10 are not revolutionary, but effective, notable upgrades are designed to make your life easier and more involved. Here are the most notable upgrades that iOS 10 brings to Apple’s mobile devices.

New lockscreen and widgets
Starting with Apple’s mobile operating system at WWDC 2016, iOS is now 10 years old. To celebrate this, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering, introduced 10 new features for iOS 10, even calling it the biggest iOS release in history. iOS 10 will feature interactive live updates from third-party apps like Rich Message, 3D Touch Integration, Uber and ESPN, and a redesigned lockscreen with direct access to rich, expansive widgets on the home screen. The upgrade may sound incremental, but it is a useful integration into the system in terms of usability. Content-rich notification panels and lockscreens add more rich layouts to apps and services, giving more direct functionality.

Smart Siri and an awesome smart keyboard
Another major upgrade is to open up Siri to developers for third-party integration. You can now drive a cab with Siri, send messages with services other than iMessage, and trace your fitness statistics through apps other than Apple’s own Activity app. Siri is being integrated with Apple’s QuickType keyboard, which in itself improves functionality with the Deep Learning algorithm. QuickType can now smartly predict contact names, list a relevant email and suggest locations based on the messages you receive. It can read your text messages in depth to suggest setting up a reminder and may even fill in the event name, time and place in advance.

You will not find pictures and accessories for making movies in India
Photos also get a dash of AI in iOS 10, with the possibility to quickly organize your collection of photos by searching for images and object recognition. It can even create a slideshow of photographs sorted by location, people or even mood and complement them with a suitable backing track. This is not really ground breaking, but the first time for iOS. Apple is also throwing similar integrations and algorithms on the map, but none of that is going to India right now. While you can still do it, one of the points that India will definitely miss about iOS 10 is the redesigned news app with subscription support (why not this before?), Breaking news headlines, a clearer interface and more. News Flash suite makes the app practical.

The ultimate change in Apple Music
It had to happen, and fortunately, it did. Apple Music’s cluttered interface will be replaced with a simple, easy-to-navigate one. You’ll also find a more easily arranged recently added carousel, a controversially good music discovery and a Discover playlist that will feature new music based on your tastes. You’ll also find some song lyrics (it’s not clear if this will be a public rollout), making the app more karaoke-friendly. It doesn’t change the game much, but it is a big bonus for the service’s 15 million subscribers.

Open up to third party services
Other updates include improved contact card layout, a voicemail transcription standard in the phone app, more rich text editing, integration with third party services for messaging to get tap-like results. You will finally be able to uninstall the apps you have literally Never Used, like stock. You’ll also find a neat little feature called Raise to Wake, which will illuminate the screen as you pick up your device.

Among all of these, the main takeaway from iOS 10 is that Apple unveils third-party developers and services, to keep users on its platform. Google has been integrating its OS with third-party services for centuries, and Apple’s policy review shows its cautious, cautious approach. iOS 10 is now available to developers, and a public beta will be available in July. The OS upgrade will be rolled out this fall for all iPhone 5 and above users.

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