Apple meets the needs of iOS developers because it offers free trials on non-subscriptions

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Customers can try all the apps available in the App Store before installing them on their Apple device. The development was updated on June 4 on Apple’s Guide page.

In line with the needs of iOS app developers, Apple has come up with free trials on all the apps available in the App Store. Previously, only subscription-based apps had the “try before you buy” option. The development is now being reflected in Apple’s guidelines, which were updated on June 4.

“Non-subscription apps may offer a free time-based trial period. Set up a non-usable IAP item in Tier 0 before offering a fully unlocked option that follows the naming rule:” 14-day trial, “Apple said. Guide review page.

It told developers before the trial that “your app must clearly identify its duration, that after the trial the content or services will no longer be accessible and that the user will have to pay a downstream charge for full functionality.”

Last month, a group of iOS developers formed The Developers Union, which challenged Apple’s App Store policy. In an open letter to Apple, the group requested that, among other things, the company allow free trials for all apps on the App Store’s 10th anniversary in July.

“A great place to start free trials and gather the momentum needed to make significant changes. Trials allow developers to showcase their creations and set standards. Before iOS, Mac developers relied heavily on free trials and were able to make a living.” While creating the software, “the union wrote in a letter. App developers have called for a “reasonable revenue cut” for Apple. Apple is currently losing 30 percent of what developers earn from the App Store. The group added that after Apple allowed free trial of all apps, “we will begin to advocate for more reasonable revenue cuts and for other communities.” – Driven, developer-friendly change, “it says.

Apple launches its World Wide Developers Conference 2018 (WWDC) event The company has shared some interesting insights with CEO Tim Cook about how there are over 20 million Apple developers who have made 100 billion this week since the launch of the App Store. In January, Apple announced that it had completed 2018 300 million in app purchases made on New Year’s Day 2018. In the week before Christmas, a record number of customers made purchases or downloaded apps from the App Store, seven of which cost more than $ 890 million. – Duration of the day. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said that in 2017 alone, iOS developers earned $ 26.5 billion – up 30 percent from 2016.

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