Audio Technica ATH-S200BT Review: The Undercut of Competition

March 31, 2022 0 Comments

Audio Technica, one of the leaders in the professional audio segment, is slowly but surely beginning to establish itself as a suitable competitor in the consumer audio space as well. Their latest consumer headphone offer, the Audio Technica ATH-S200BT headphones is priced at Rs 4,490. This may be the first time that a pair of Bluetooth headphones in this price range has the ability to last about 40 hours, which is surprisingly good. However, let’s explore more as we test these cans.


Audio Technica ATH-S200BT headphones give consumers enough reason to invest their money just for the battery, however, the sound quality is quite good with these affordable Bluetooth headphones. The headphones cover the basics quite well and sound quite solid across a variety of genres. They are automatically efficient, the shaft is not too strong or irresistible, the treble is not too sharp or silent and the midges are not left behind. However, headphones are dynamically flat, in the sense that they may struggle to enliven the music unless the volume is sufficiently high. However, it only tends to highlight the fine-ish refinement of the upper mids and without that, makes things louder, not dynamically animated.

Inside Pull me down By Dream Theater, Headphones are unable to properly distinguish voices and instruments The voices behind the instruments of rock and metal music seem to have sunk. Kingdom of heaven By Guns and roses If the volume is not set above 80 percent, it seems to be unlisted overall, which we do not recommend (if you value your hearing).

On the other hand, the vocals on these headphones are much clearer when not masked by various instruments and there is almost no noticeable distortion, even on tight tracks. Century By Fruit Out Boy. Although most Bluetooth headphones seem to be on the quiet side, which is often the source of complaints, these cans can be very loud. Headphones seem to be more suitable for warm tracks.

Media playback on Netflix and YouTube was also quite an enjoyable experience, and the headphones accurately mimicked the dialogue and background sounds that made for a great experience overall. There was absolutely no gap between the media content and the playback in the headphones, which is great. Touch the call value a bit on these headphones and go. The voice that came through it seemed empty and far away, however, the person on the other end could hear what we were saying quite clearly.

Design and comfort

At first glance, you’ll notice that the ATH-S200BT headphones look like a typical pair of Audio Technica headphones, despite the price point. They use smooth black and gray accents for which Audio Technica is known, which, in turn, enhances the look of the headphones, making them more visually appealing. However, after further inspection, you will realize that the headphones are basically made of plastic and it looks quite fragile in the hand. However, the build is decent because when you put them on they don’t crack and the buttons don’t rot. The Audio Technica logo sits flush with the center in the back of the cup and looks like a geometric work of art.

While aesthetics may not be a problem here, especially at this conservative price point, comfort was certainly a bad aspect for us. Audio Technica ATH-S200BT headphones are on-ear headphones, so they do not completely cover your ears. Earpack pads use basic reflex foam instead of memory foam, which makes them significantly less comfortable to wear. We noticed that an hour after these cans were turned on, it became quite uncomfortable, especially with earrings. The headphones also don’t fold, which is a shame. However, earpacks can be twisted to make them easier to store.

The clamping force of the headphones was a little too tight for our taste, if you wear glasses or earrings or even otherwise after some time they can be especially uncomfortable. However, the tight fit makes them very safe as well as reduces noise leakage.


While the headphones lack glamorous, premium features like water resistance, supported apps, USB-C charging and more, there are some onboard features that are quite useful and serve as advertisements. Audio Technica ATH-S200BT headphones have a great battery life that lasts up to 40 hours. Most of these priced headphones, including the Infinix Quiet X, Ant Audio H82 Treble, and the JBL E55BT, come nowhere near the caliber of the ATH-S200BT Sport’s battery life. At this competitive price, you can own a pair of headphones that you charge 100 percent at once and then forget about it at the end of the day, which is great.

Playback control is at the bottom of all left earcups. There is a physical on / off switch, however, the headphones seem to switch to standby mode if not used for a while. We kept them up all night, and when we started testing them in the morning, we had about the same amount of battery left. In addition, the ATH-S200BT headphones have a Bluetooth notification light, body volume, and pause / play buttons. The pause / play button doubles as a call button. Micro-USB charging slots are also available here. Although we prefer a USB Type-C port, at this price point it may be a little too much to ask.

The last row

Audio Technica ATH-S200BT headphones are cheaper than most wireless headphones which we recommend for those who are interested in following the features as well as the great sound. These affordable cans have an incredible battery life, great wireless connectivity and good overall sound, which is more than we expected at this price point. Although they may have some problems such as non-folding design, clamps are very tight and less than the standard sound dynamics, they have a lot of redeeming qualities. You’ll have a hard time finding a pair of Bluetooth headphones that ruin the battery life and sound quality of the ATH-S200BT delivery. If you are on a budget, this pair of headphones may be the ideal pair for you.

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