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Overall Bioshock Infinite is a great game. The story is fantastic and enough for at least two plays here, the story is the biggest inspiration. If you are a fan of fantastic storytelling or FPS / RPG games then this is a must try for you! A must try for all gamers who are looking for a mind-blowing experience.

Detailed review of BioShock Infinite


Released in late 2010, BioShock Infinite quickly topped the list of most anticipated games. This time, however, the setting of the game has changed. You’re no longer in Rapture’s Underwater City, as in previous games. Instead, you take to the skies of the floating city of Colombia. The main protagonist has also changed. You played the role of Booker Dwight. Simply put, Bioshock Infinite is an ambitious game. In a day and age dominated by war-based shooters, can Infinity make a place for itself?

The story
The story of the game begins quite simply. Arrive in the floating town of Colombia, find the girl Elizabeth and bring her to pay off the debt. It’s easier said than done. This is as far as we go to reveal the plot of the game. On the surface it sounds easy and you can expect normal twists and turns but what you don’t expect is where the story goes and the grand finale that will really make a fuss with your head. Elizabeth is preserved or rather preserved, a large mechanical bird that thwarts your rescue efforts.

This is probably one of the best sorted stories with subtle hints that you will ignore, i.e. until you finish. These hints will start to make sense when you play the game a second time and you will stop questioning the brightness behind the storytelling of the game.

In addition to Booker and Elizabeth, there are other characters in the game that will intrigue you. The best part is that each character has evolved to a decent level and leaves you wanting more after you get the story out. Lutece twins are two characters that keep popping up at regular intervals and quickly leave a one-liner that keeps you poking your head out and occasionally chuckling.

As far as gameplay goes, if you’ve played either of the previous two Bioshock games, you’ll feel at home with Bioshock Infinite. In its core part, the game is a first-person shooter with which RPG elements are thrown into the mix. There is a lot to collect, and most of it means money, so you can purchase and upgrade your arsenal. You can carry a maximum of two weapons at any one time which is a bit disappointing considering some upgrades are really good and it will definitely add even better variation to the gameplay if the arsenal in your hand is bigger.

As with previous games, you have access to special powers in Bioshock Infinite. Vigors are called, they give you access to a bunch of powers such as controlling an opponent for a short time, shooting a flock of crows at the enemy, throwing bombs and much more. Vigors add a nice variety to the battle. You have access to a grappling hook that serves as a way to navigate the environment and also for battle battles, as well as the ability to hit some annoying endings. You also pick a variety of clothing pieces that add to your fighting ability.

Another addition to the gameplay is Elizabeth. You can’t control him but you don’t have to protect him. In battle he hides and provides you with ammunition, health and salt (to replenish your strength). He opens what is known as ‘tears’ to help in battle. These tears give you access to extra ammunition, cover, a tower and more. Elizabeth will also resurrect you when you die.

There‚Äôs really no puzzle in Bioshock Infinite, and the environment is really big. Fortunately, there is a waypoint system that shows you exactly where to go. It’s very reminiscent of Dead Space’s Waypoint system, and it’s great, because it gives you the option to explore the environment and get back on track for the original search of your choice.

The graphics of the game demand special mention. Simply put, BioShock Infinite looks beautiful. The environments are lively and the relaxing skies of Colombia look beautiful in the sky. You can see from a distance and wonder if you can “reach that place in the corner” to find yourself there in a few hours. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

Whether it’s in the open air, inside a ship or inside a bar, the color palette of Bioshock Infinite is vibrant and has some features that set one area apart from another. When you arrive in Ghetto, Colombia, the richness of the environment is immediately lost in a dark and disgusting environment. The animations and effects of Vigors also look great and it’s a treat to use them.

Bioshock Infinite looks great on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, but if you have a killer rig, this is a game you should play on a PC because it is really bright. Some boss fights and intense fighting sequences are highlights of the game and you should wait for the little boss fights thrown at your regular break.

The sound in Bioshock Infinite is also excellent. In the beginning, the voice acting was spectacular, and for that it could run any Hollywood studio. The emotions expressed in the voices of the characters really touch your heart and the satire portrayed by the Lutis twins will surely make you laugh.

The sound effects of the game’s Vigors and Guns are top notch, with each bang and hush an adrenaline rush. Special credit for the crowd goes to the background score, which intensifies with each heated battle and there comes a time when pin-drop silence is broken only by the sound of enemies recognizing your presence.

Overall Bioshock Infinite is a great game. The story is fantastic and enough for at least two plays here, the story is the biggest inspiration. If you are a fan of fantastic storytelling or FPS / RPG games then this is a must try for you! It’s not called Call of Duty or Battlefield, but it’s a great shooter. You can complete the game in 10 to 15 hours, depending on the difficulty you choose and the amount of time you take to explore the Colombian vistas. A must try for all gamers who are looking for a mind-blowing experience.

Checked: PS3

Publisher: 2K games

Developer: Irrational game

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Price: Console: Rs 2,499 PC: 999

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