Bluestacks 2 has been launched with even better mobile gaming support

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

The update aims to provide better app discovery on the already popular Android emulation platform.

Bluestacks started as an Android emulator to run mobile applications on a PC and has come a long way since then. Bluestacks 2, which was launched today, came as a major update with a greater focus on Android gaming.

The discovery component has been improved with the implementation of region-based discovery and surfing through the interface is much better than previous versions. However, the biggest change is that you now have multiple tabs that work like Android’s overview button which makes switching between apps much more convenient. The new interface looks a lot like a browser where you have multiple apps in multiple tabs. To focus on the gameplay, it enables you to configure your gaming controls and the ability to choose between console or keyboard. Another notable feature is the addition of a file manager to facilitate file transfers between your PC and emulator, a much needed feature that previous versions lacked. Also, you can now expand apps across your PC, TV and mobile with Bluestacks 2.

According to statistics provided by Bluestacks, on the first day a user spent an average of 89 minutes gaming. Also, Bluestacks recently announced that their user base has surpassed 100 million users who download billions of apps per month, thus surpassing Xiaomi as well as Sony. “Where mobile is growing fast, we are growing fast. Mobile advertisers are realizing that PCs, Macs, phones and TVs are all different ways of reaching the same person. ” Has raised $ 30 million from recent rounds of funding.

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