Browser optimization for the Enterprise LOB app

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In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can use Enterprise Mode with Microsoft Edge to open Internet Explorer 11 for your business sites that require IE proprietary technology. This approach enables your users to run a modern browser designed for improved productivity, security, and rendering web pages without compromising the legacy line of that business application.

If your environment relies on some legacy features that are only available in older versions of Internet Explorer, it is important for IE11 to be familiar with Enterprise Mode tools. Enterprise mode support is available for Microsoft Edge. You can open any site specified in the Enterprise Mode site list in IE11. IT professionals can use their existing IE11 Enterprise Mode site list or they can create a new one specifically for Microsoft Edge.

By keeping Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 as the default browser and only opening the business site legacy line in IE11 if necessary, you can help keep track of new development projects using the latest web standards in Microsoft Edge. You can configure any intranet site to open in IE11 when a user browses it using Microsoft Edge. This functionality is available as part of Windows 10 and no additional installation is required.

User experience

Topic of all discussion – What will my end user experience be like? The simple answer is “it will be smooth”. Enterprise Mode will automatically open any site specified in the site list in IE11 এমনকি even when navigating to Microsoft Edge যদি unless you specifically exclude that site from the list. This operation occurs without any user input. For example, if Contoso Travel is a line of business applications that requires IE’s inherited proprietary technology, if Enterprise Mode is on the site list or in the intranet zone, a user will see the following page automatically activated in IE11 while navigating to Microsoft Edge. :

Users are asked to open the website in Internet Explorer 11 (with the option to default to Internet Explorer in the future), but choose to continue in Microsoft Edge. Selecting “Open with Internet Explorer” will start Internet Explorer 11 and will navigate to the current page in a new window (or a new tab if the browser is already running).

Enterprise mode uses the site list

For Internet Explorer 11, Enterprise Mode is configured to enable the use of Enterprise Mode IE Website List Group Policy. You must then specify the Enterprise Mode site listing location (URL) under Options. You can similarly configure Microsoft Edge using Microsoft Edge which lets you configure Enterprise Site List Group Policy. That group policy specifies the location of the Enterprise Mode site list for Microsoft Edge. If you enable this policy but do not specify a location for the Enterprise Mode site list, Microsoft will automatically use the IE11 Enterprise Mode site list if one exists.

Location: Administrative Template উপাদান Windows Element \ Microsoft Edge \ lets you configure Enterprise Mode site list
By default, Enterprise Mode lists sites Or Any site in the section will open automatically in Internet Explorer 11. Additionally, we are introducing a new attribute “DoNotTransition” that allows explicit control over whether Microsoft Edge. Whether to open a site in Internet Explorer 11.

The doNotTransition feature can also be set using the latest version of Enterprise Site List Manager. If an existing site list is imported into the latest version, each entry will have a clear DoNotTransition = “False” setting. This is shown in the UI with the “Open in IE / Internet Explorer” checkbox. These are available in both Site Detail and Site List View.

Enterprise mode site list view

Enterprise Mode Site Detailed View
Microsoft Edge and IE11 may share lists of the same sites, or you may specify separate lists.

Opening an intranet site in IE11

In addition to using the Enterprise Mode site list, Microsoft Edge can be configured to send all intranet sites to Internet Explorer 11. You can do this with the “Send all intranet traffic to Internet Explorer” group policy. If this policy is configured, it will send all intranet sites to IE11, not just the sites listed in the Enterprise Mode site list. This option provides the same user experience as previously covered. We recommend that IT professionals use the Enterprise Mode site list, and not this policy, to configure the minimum set of sites that need to be opened in IE11, as this will help you to quickly update your intranet sites for Microsoft Edge.

Location: Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Microsoft Edge পাঠ Sends all intranet traffic to Internet Explorer
Once configured, any site within the intranet company will automatically open in Internet Explorer 11 when visited on Microsoft Edge.

If you have significant LOB application reliance on IE11 and legacy IE technology, you can set IE11 as your default browser in Windows 10 using the Set Configuration File of a Default Association group policy. However, we recommend this approach to ensure that sites that do not rely on legacy technology receive the most up-to-date rendering through Microsoft Edge.

How it started

This feature is available in Windows 10 Build 10240+, so no additional updates are required. If you’re already using Enterprise Mode for troubleshooting compatibility issues in Internet Explorer 11, all you need to do is configure Microsoft Edge to use your existing site list. Below are some additional resources.

• Download the new Enterprise Site List Manager tool – v4.0 (Summer 2015).
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