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Wings Lifestyle Company’s Wings Alpha True Wireless Earphones is a budget pair of true wireless IEM equipped with some luxurious features such as touch control, voice assistant access, USB Type-C cord and charging via Bluetooth 5.0. The array of features, most of which are combined with premium True Wireless Earphones, makes Wings Alpha extremely affordable to buy as they cost less than 3K. Let’s explore the review to see how these cheap truly wireless earphones rent.

Construction and design

The Wings Alpha earphones are enclosed in a plastic, glossy black charging case. The form factor is rather compact and rectangular with curved edges. It’s easy to pocket and is different from some of the biggest real wireless charging cases on the market right now. The texture of the case is smooth, while the logo of the wings is indented in silver on the lid of the charging case. It is easy to see and also looks quite powerful.

The case comes with an LED light on the front which indicates the battery on the case. The LEDs are not very gorgeous. It is pale but prominent enough to be seen. The back of the case has a USB Type-C charging port.

The lid of the case opens at the top and returns to place with the help of a magnet. We would like it if the snap sounds a little more satisfying which can be easily achieved with the help of strong magnets. In that case, the earphones sit inside their dedicated R and L cavities. The overall texture of the inside of the case is matte, but the cavities still have a glossy finish just like the outside. After removing the earphones, you will also notice the gold magnetic pins that connect to the earphones to secure them in place.

Earphones are extremely compact and ergonomic. They have a shape that looks like a tear-drop and a cross between an egg and an LED light on the back that indicates whether they have been charged, paired and much more. Earphones are also made of plastic material, but the back has a dark gray matte texture that is quite attractive to look at. The overall design will be more holistic and attractive if in some parts of the case this matte texture has a gray tone.

The bottom of the earphones has the same glossy black texture as the case and also has gold dots with magnetic pins attached. The tips of the ears protrude out of an elliptical / oval shape and shrink proportionately until we reach the tips. The earphones come with three different sized silicone tips – small, medium and large.

The fit inside the ear is smooth and secure due to the compact and ergonomic form factor of these earphones. They can be easily used while gyming or running. We moved manually around our heads, to a point where we were almost headbanging and the wings alpha remained unmarked. Overall, we enjoyed the design, comfort and fit that these earphones offer, but the charging case could be designed more creatively.


Wings Alpha True Wireless Earphones offer a surprising number of premium features for the cheapest point available. While this is certainly impressive, not all features work as smoothly as you might expect.

First, the earphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. So, their connection with the device you are using is strong and there is no noticeable lag and skip in the tracks that are run by a device. However, neither earphone actually connects to the device. The right connects to the device and the masterbud, while the left connects only to the masterbud. We noticed a very high number of connection drops between the two earphones. This is especially problematic if you have long hair that screens the earphones like a reviewer. With a little movement the buds began to separate from each other. However, this problem comes under less pressure when the reviewer pulls the hair behind his ear.

Nevertheless, it is a serious problem that can really tarnish your experience. Hope we got a flawed piece for review. We recommend that you check out lots of customer reviews before you buy these earphones and see if the problem exists for everyone.

The Wings Alpha also has integrated touch controls on the back surface of the earbuds. To stop or play tracks or answer phone calls, press once on the touch surface of both earbuds. A long press up to 1.5 seconds on both earbuds will reject an incoming call while a simple tap will end a running call. To skip the next track, you need to long press the surface of the right earbud for 1.5 seconds and simulate the same on the left earbud to get to the previous track. Two consecutive taps will increase the volume in the right earbud and decrease in the same way in the left earbud. Triple tapping the earbud in a row will turn on the voice assistant.

While the pause / play and skipping track functions work decently, volume and voice assistant controls rarely work for us. The surface, for the most part, registered double and triple taps as singles and only paused / played the track or media. This is rather frustrating because we’ve spent so much time trying to make these controls work. What we found is that you need to use light touch while double and triple tapping to work. Despite this, these features have done very little.

In addition, the earphones feature USB Type-C charging which is extremely refreshing to look at in a pair of true wireless earphones at a very conservative price. More expensive True Wireless earphones like the 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Type-C do not offer charging, so it’s nice to see that Wings Lifestyle has added this functionality to these cheap pair of earphones.

Finally, earphones are able to back up media for about 4 hours while the charging case gives you another 16 hours or four full charges, bringing the total battery life of this device to a respectable 20 hours. The case, with a 420 MaH battery, gets fully charged in about 1.5 hours, which is quite impressive.


Wings Alpha has a warm, bass-y sound profile that is quite mass-attractive. The logos are quite advanced and the base is quite sharp. However, with this thrust, there is often an unpleasant sound in some earphones and Wings Alpha is no exception. Tracks such as Popular monster By OverturnThe sound is very bass-forward and the sound of drums and bass guitar is very muffled because of the booming bass.

However, in genres like hip-hop, EDM and pop, the punch base sounds quite energetic and has a lot of drive, which makes them sound great. Mids are quite well presented. These have been emphasized a bit, but the voices still sound delicious and full However, a plethora of mid-range devices sometimes lack drive unless the volume is pushed to about 75 percent or more. On the other hand, the height is decent. In such tracks Fall Out Boy’s CenturyThey sound a bit rough and a little short but the earphones handle the female vocals well on the tracks like Hello By Adele.

The soundstage, as expected to the ears, is basically limited and not wide at all, however, we are pleasantly surprised by the imaging in these earphones. The instruments were spatially accurate, although the distance between them was moderate

The call quality in these earphones was quite good. The receiver could clearly hear what we were saying, although the background sounds were also quite audible. When relaying a passage in the Google Recorder app, the microphone was able to pick up most of the sound accurately. Its battery life is also good with 4 hours in earbud and 16 in charging case. In our experiments, the earphones lasted about 3 hours and 15 minutes at 65% volume, which is suitable for budget earphones.

The last row

Priced at 2,799, the Wings Alpha True Wireless earbuds seem like a very lucrative purchase as you get high-end features like touch control, Type-C charging and more. However, the sensitivity and precision of the touch controls as well as the lack of stable wireless connection between the two earbuds (especially if you have long hair) problems really made our experience worse. However, the sound quality is quite efficient for the price point and the vocals are very well made in these cheap earphones. So, if you don’t use volume control and voice assistant touch control too much and have a haircut (or a haircut), then you have a really cheap pair of earphones that can get quite the right thing. The company is relatively new but promising in terms of audio products. We hope they solve some of the problems for their next release.

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