Cut the Rope: Experiments Review

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Cut the Rope Experiments is a very addictive game that will appeal to all ages who like to solve puzzles. We’d say the game’s lifespan was a bug, but the developers showed unwavering support for the game by adding new dimensions for free.

Cut the Rope: A detailed review of the experiment


If you think Angry Birds is the only intuitive puzzle game that keeps you awake all night the three stars try to think again. There is another series of puzzle games where you feed candy to a beautiful and cute animal named Om Nom. Yes. That’s his name. Launched in 2010, Cut the Rope was one of the most intuitive physics-based puzzle games to hit the iOS platform.

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a sequel to Cut the Rope that has been available in the Apple App Store since 2011, but developer, ZeptoLab recently added 25 new dimensions to the experiment. So we thought we’d review the game for you.

Just like its predecessor, in the experiment your job is to feed Om Nam candy and collect as many of them as possible along the way. The 1st 25 levels of the game are like the summary of the original It adds a sense of nostalgia for seniors and a beginner’s guide for newcomers. These layers involve similar bubbles, extending rope; Candy catch rope and so on.

Although you enter more levels, when new elements enter. New additions include rockets, suction cups, projectile rope-darts and robotic arms.

Each mechanic has its own functionality throughout the game. Depending on how you want the candy to be driven, the suction cups can be dropped and stuck to the surface again. The rockets move the candy in a predetermined direction where some of them can be rotated by adding puzzle elements. Projectile rope darts really check your reflection when you try to grab a falling candy, and the robotic arm can grab the candy and move it clockwise or counterclockwise.

What does the cake really look like when multiple mechanics are applied to solve a single puzzle? Some stages add adrenaline rush quite quickly whereas others require quite a bit of worry.

Levels and mechanics are well arranged and the game does not seem difficult at all.

To date, there are 150 levels available in the Cut the Rope: Experiments puzzle game. These are divided into 6 chapters, each of which has 25 levels of housing ৷

The only downside to the game is that it can hit a single meeting in a matter of hours. The only incentive to get back into the game is for perfectionist freaks who want to get 3 stars in each level. Honestly, this is where the real challenge lies. We finished the game in one sitting and collected only 356 of the 450 stars to be collected in the game.

Note: The game is available for $ 0.99 in the iTunes Store, and costs HD 1.99 for the HD version. There is a paid version with a free version in the Google Play Store. 54.05.

End row:
The game will appeal to all ages who are very addicted and like to solve puzzles. We’d say the game’s lifespan was a bug, but the developers showed unwavering support for the game by adding new dimensions for free.

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