Dizo Buds Z Review: Eye-catching design

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The market for genuine wireless earbuds is flooded with entry-level options, offering eye-catching specs and features without breaking every seemingly bank. Dizo, a brand under the Realme Tech Life ecosystem, has already launched 3 entry-level TWS this year, now launches its fourth TWS earphone – the Dizo Buds Z. Priced in sweet places below 2K, these earphones aren’t the most feature-laden entry-level TWS we’ve tested yet, but they still offer much more than the basics. These earphones compete with the Oppo Enco Buds, Soundcore R100, and others in the Sub-2K price range. Let’s see if they bring enough to the table to set them apart from the rest.

DJO Buds Z: Performance

The Dizo Bud Z is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver and has a frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz. Buds is powered by Bluetooth v5.0, which is one step below its competitors like Oppo Enco Bud which comes with the latest Bluetooth v5.2. Another area where Dizo Buds Z comes up short is audio codec support, it only supports SBC codecs while competitors support SBC as well as SBC and Oppo Enco Buds like AAC, which is slightly better than SBC in terms of audio transmission. .

All in all, the Dizo Buds Z has a warm sound signature with a boosted bus response that many will enjoy. For objective testing, we use a microphone from iSEMcon and an adapter from SLS Audio. We connect this setup to a PC powered by SMAART Di-v2 software that generates frequency graphs for headphones.

DJO Buds Z Review

Uncompensated Frequency Graph of DJO Buds Z (Orange) vs. Plane Reaction (Blue)

In the frequency graph generated for DJO Buds Z, you can clearly see that the bus, especially the sub-bus, has been boosted a lot. There is a huge spike in the low-altitude region that can cause some mud in the alloy area, which means low-frequency instruments and bus beats can occasionally sound a bit dark. However, the upper bus area from 125Hz to 250Hz is well presented and sounds detailed, especially for earphones below 2K.

DJO Buds Z Review

Unnecessary Frequency Graph of DJO Buds Z (Orange) vs. Oppo Enco Buds (Red) vs. Realm Buds Q2 (Yellow)

Medium and height up to 8kHz are massively boosted so that they stay on top and front of the mix. This means that the vocals and the main instruments are very prominent when listening to music. However, the extended nature of the medium and the height cut through the isolated areas from 125Hz to 250Hz where there is a lot of detail in modern music. So, while listening to genres like rap, pop, hip hop and EDM, you may feel that the track lacks some weight and strength. Also, the exaggerated height tends to cause some severity and stiffness in the triple area. Overall, we prefer the Dizo Buds Z’s sound signature over the Oppo Enco Buds’ extremely dark sound profile, but there’s still room for improvement.

The Dizo Buds Z, however, offers a pretty enjoyable listening experience at this affordable price point, but if you can increase your budget a bit, Realme Buds Q2 offers a more balanced and detailed sound profile while still being energetic and piercing.

DJO Buds Z Review

These buds do not have active noise cancellation to keep the price point low, but the buds have decent passive isolation. However, if you are in a particularly noisy area like a train station or a loud office environment, you will easily hear the noise around you.

For microphones, Dizo Buds Z, equipped with environmental noise cancellation, comes with the performance of medium microphones that generally work well in indoor settings. If you are outdoors or in a noisy environment, your voice calls may have a distant sound, and the surrounding sounds are also very easy to pick up, making calls with fair embarrassment despite having ENC.

DJO Buds Z Review

As we mentioned earlier, Dizo Buds Z is powered by Bluetooth v5.0. The wireless connection is pretty great, for the most part, save some occasional stuttering and lag in audio. Also, when the game mode is turned on, there is a short time where the audio you are listening to gets distorted and heard, but during our testing it resolves itself in a few seconds. The Bluetooth connection process is also very simple. Once paired, the buds attach to your device as soon as you open the charging case, no additional action is required. Also, there is very little delay in using these buds to watch videos and play games. Additionally, you can enable game mode which reduces latency to 88ms.

DJO Buds Z: Features

Priced at Rs 1,999, the Dizo Buds Z is not proud of the plethora of features seen in earbuds in the price range of 2.5K to 5K. However, they do come with basics like app support, IP rating and a few more. Dizo Buds Z Realme Link can be used with apps that allow users to perform specific functions. You can check your earbud’s battery level at a glance, switch between three EQ presets – Bass Boost +, Dynamic and Bright, upgrade firmware, and customize earbud controls.

Dizo Buds Z Price

Users can change the earbud controls for the following double-tap, triple tap and hold and hold actions. You can choose to add functions like Pause / Music Play, Track Search, Quick Switch between paired devices, Voice Assistant and Game mode. There is no volume control, which is frustrating because some competitors like Oppo Enco Buds offer volume control. In the app, you can toggle game mode, volume up, and auto-answer on / off. There is nothing more you can do with the app, but there is a lot of customizability offered for this price.

Dizo Buds Z Review India

The earbuds are IPX4 water-resistant, so they can easily withstand a light splash of sweat or water, making them suitable for exercise. You also get 88ms less latency game mode, as we mentioned earlier, which is a good addition for those who use a lot of content or play many games using earbuds. Earbuds also support the use of mono earbuds, which means you can use one earbud independently of another.

DJO Buds Z: Battery Life

Dizo Buds Z, so far, has proven to be a beautiful pair of TWS earbuds for the price with an enjoyable and dynamic sound profile and a reasonable number of features. However, one area that has frustrated us is battery life. The battery life of the Dizo Buds Z combines 16 hours, buds and case. It looks trivial in front of competitors like the Soundcore R100 which brings a total of 25 hours of play time and the 24-hour-long battery life of the Oppo Enco Buds.

DJO Buds Z Battery Life

Dizo Buds Z’s earbuds are automatic, playing time of 4.5 hours. Again, there is nothing to write home. In our experiment, earbuds lasted about 4 hours 5 minutes at 60-70 percent volume ৷ 3 additional charges have been paid in the case, except for some juices. Bud Z supports fast charging where about 10 minutes of charging gives you 1.5 hours of play time, which is quite decent.

DJO Buds Z: Build and Comfort

Build and design is an area where Dizo Buds Z is truly brilliant. Don’t get us wrong, you won’t find too many premium builds in these earphones like you will find in mid-range to high-end earbuds, but for the price, the Dizo Buds Z is an attractive design and reliable. Build quality. The Dizo Buds Z has a pebble-shaped charging case with a matte texture that makes them feel more premium than other buds in this price range with their glossy texture. Buds are available in three color variants – Leaf, Onyx and Pearl. We found a mint-green variant of the leaves for review, which is nice to see.

DIZO Buds Z Review

The pastel green shade looks simple and unique on the eyes. The case is very compact and does not come out of the pocket too much. The front of the case has an LED battery indicator and DIZO logo with a USB-C charging port at the bottom. The case is extremely easy to open with one hand and closes with an audible and satisfying snap, which we like. Additionally, the magnets that hold the buds are extremely strong and have buds even if you force the case.

DJO Buds Z Review

The earbuds have a stem design and a glossy texture as opposed to the matte texture of the case. The stalks or stalks have a beautiful iridescent finish that separates the buds. The back of the trunk is doubled as a touch-sensitive area to control music and call. Touch controls are fairly reliable, and we’ve had very few misreadings

The buds also weigh very lightly at just 3.7g each and this translates into hours of comfortable use. They provide a nice decent fit that lasts during most activities. However, do a little random when running the buds and you may feel the need to adjust them again. Overall, Dizo Buds Z has a great design for the price and is comfortable to wear for a long time.

DJO Buds Z: Roy

The TWS market is full of affordable options and may find itself somewhat lost in the DJ Buds Z crowd. Earbuds, of course, fix most things, be it customer-friendly base-boosted sound signature, eye-catching design, comfortable fit and app support. However, it loses to its competitors in some important areas like battery life, microphone performance and audio codec support. Additionally, if a consumer decides to spend a few hundred bucks more, the world of Active Noise Cancellation and other attractive features is opened up for them through earphones like Realmy Buds Q2 and Bolt Audio Solpods. At the Sub-2K price point, Dizo Buds Z has a distinct design. The earbuds look gorgeous with a sharp effect on the stem and the matte texture of the charging case looks premium. So, if you think and create the most important, Dizo Bud Z Sub-2K is a good option at the price point.

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