DxO Labs files for bankruptcy, assures no end customers

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

The company behind DXO Labs, DXO Photolab (formerly DXO OpticsPro) and the current owner of the Nick Collection have filed for bankruptcy.

In a shocking turn of events, DxO Labs confirmed on their website that the company had filed for bankruptcy. In a statement on their official website, the company stated that it had “chosen to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is now in the process of restructuring the business,” adding that the restructuring “will not affect our customers in any way.” Going further to reassure new customers that the company will continue to work without affecting the final product.

For the purpose of protecting the filing company from bankruptcy during the restructuring by DxO Lab. The company will continue to work on its image editing software DxO PhotoLabs, promising a free software update in June. The update is said to add improved local correction features and support for the newer cameras seen, including the Canon EOS 2000D and Sony A7 III. The company also reiterated its commitment to adhere to the ‘Perpetual License’ model as opposed to the Adobe license model.

In addition to confirming an update to its own editing suite, DxO Labs has confirmed that a much-needed update to the Nik software is coming in June. DxO Labs acquired the Nik Collection from Google in December 2017 after search giant neglected the suite for several days. In a statement, DxO Labs said the first update of the Nick Collection, which will be available in June, will focus on bug fixes across seven plugins, as well as ensure that plugins and their individual versions work without problems on the new operating system. Microsoft and Apple.

For those who are worried about DxO’s camera ratings, there is no need to worry. In September 2017, DxO Image Labs transformed DxO Mark into a separate, privately owned entity, distinguishing it from its other commercial property called DxO Labs. DxO Mark continues to work on commercial image testing, setting new standards for camera and lens testing, while DxO Labs sought to keep its software business in line with the hardware business that created the DxO One smartphone camera attachment. So in the current context, it’s the software and hardware business that has filed for bankruptcy and not the camera testing company that many of us have become familiar with.

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