has launched “Builder” software development platform, enabling the general public

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The build development platform allows users to add features to their app or website by dragging and dropping them to their cart. has launched its latest software development platform “Builder”, which uses AI capabilities to create apps and ideas. The main highlight of the builder is that a user does not need to have knowledge about programming. It uses reusable code blocks, which users can select once to create their idea, and the service does not charge anything if a user uses the same code twice.

Read the full press release below, the human-assisted AI (artificial intelligence) that gives everyone the ability to create and manage software projects, today launched its latest product from the beta, Builder. Builder integrates AI with the best human team of developers, designers and product managers worldwide, offering software development at double speed and one third cost. The platform brings Henry Ford Assembly Line into software development so that every year 140 million new small businesses formed worldwide can turn their ideas into real products.

At its core, believes that everyone should be given the ability to create an idea regardless of money, resources or time and without becoming an engineer or hiring an engineering team. From a technology standpoint, almost half of any software project has repeat code, or so-called “building blocks” such as Facebook login, which most deb store charges for creating each time. The rest is “tailoring”, customized to do something unique for customers.

By dividing software projects into “building blocks” that can be reused, and associating them with the world’s best engineering and product teams,’s builders offer extensive value-for-money efficiency as it allows customers to rebuild and Does not charge Existing code. The “assembly line” allows for the allocation of work bites which allows builders to produce scale with incredible cost efficiency as it uses the Dev Shop Bench capacity (i.e. those who are not employed) from San Francisco to Kyiv to Bangalore.

“Over the past decade, the buyers of software development have changed completely; Small business owner or individual dreamer from CIO and technical professional. Not everyone needs to code, most people need tools to turn their ideas into products, “said Sachin Dev Duggal, chief wizard and co-founder of Our vision is to be the crossroads between dreams and products. Despite the ubiquity of technology, it seems impossible for anyone to make a living without technical expertise. We want to change that and make it easy, fast and affordable to build technology; An app or a website, and you’re a business or someone trying to make the world a better place. “

To get started, anyone with an app or website idea can create an account at and start designing their products. By dragging and dropping features from a menu in a shopping cart like Amazon, a customer can create the basic tenants and functionality of their idea – from location and chat capabilities to payment services or bookings. They can then add any customer unique ingredients. Once a product request has been submitted, customers will receive a cost estimate and delivery timeline in real time. With Builder, the customer is only paying for what is unique. This “production method” allows to address two of the biggest problems in custom software development, price creep and scope creep.

Launched in beta in early 2016, has already attracted hundreds of customers across all geographies, from e-commerce and m-commerce platforms to social apps, who are the builder’s personalization to create products like DropIt, Manscore and ObeDog. Beta used. .

Basically,’s philosophy is affordability, transparency and accessibility. To this effect, has launched LIFE, a program that allows charities and nonprofits to use technology to expand their reach. Projects such as Virgin United’s Campaign Against US Death Penalty, Children’s Creativity Museum and Plus Wonder are among the builder’s third sector customers.

A recurring entrepreneur, Sachin and his best friend Sourav, have bootstrapped the company, which has generated $ 50m in revenue over the last three years and is growing at 180% a year. has been profitable for 1 year and is ready to cross the চিহ্ন 100 million revenue mark before the end of 2018. Tendulkar has previously created and successfully scaled three online companies before exiting the desktop virtualization business, including Nivio’s marketing. Evaluated at $ 100 million in 2012.

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