Feeling familiar: Make Windows 8 look like Windows 7

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Feelings of familiarity and an area of ​​comfort are two feelings that are close to the heart of many Windows users. This is where their user experience is created. Microsoft held on to it most of the time, making it easy for users to upgrade. There was a lot of visual change from Windows 98 to XP (forgetting ME’s choices which was basically a disaster), although it retained the same skeleton as the previous OS. For all its bugs from Windows XP to Vista, the structure hasn’t changed much. The same goes for Vista on Windows 7. People knew where their documents were, how to go to the list of installed programs and how to go to the control panel to make changes, for example.

With Windows 8, things have changed drastically. Turn on the PC, and users were hit with the Windows 8 UI – basically a screen full of tiles. Immediately, the question pops up – “How do I get to the desktop”. A tile allows you to do this, but for most users, the extra steps and the sudden onset of excessive data on a screen are somewhat irresistible. Point to their desktop tiles and voila, they get to see the familiar landscape. But, where is the start button? And why is Internet Explorer sitting there? How do I view the app list? How can I get to my computer? Where is the control panel? Just a few questions, but very critical and sometimes lame for some users.

We don’t really know if Windows 8 is good or bad. This is an intense topic of discussion for some other time, usually involving a generous dose of cursing. This time, we try to solve the problem. The problem with how to make Windows 8 usable is that it finds a very steep learning curve. Problem solved, hopefully ……

Step 1: Stay calm. And keep reading this article.

Everything will be fine. We’ve listed the apps you need to download and how to set them up Do it the way we told you to, and the next time you go straight to the familiar desktop, where the start button is supposed to sit.

Step 2: This will cost ভাল 4.99 better.

This is the solution to the most annoying visual element – the tile-based start screen, instead of the desktop’s familiarity and comfort with that wallpaper. You need to download, buy and install the Start8 application. Trust us, these will cost ভাল 4.99 very well. The amount of control this app allows you to control how Windows 8 behaves is immense. The “go directly to desktop when I sign in” option is incredible. The tile-based start screen, which throbs you, can be removed in one shot. Many people get stuck in hot corners and the top left, bottom left and skin bar can be disabled with this app. Initially, however, the Start button brings with it a complete Start menu, as seen in previous versions of Windows. Pin the programs here, and get the familiar architecture of where to find documents, photos, my computer, control panel, search, etc.

The design element was not forgotten. The options from the sharp edge or the rounded edge to the bottom are very detailed for the Start menu. If you want to keep the old one and double it with something new, you can set up a Windows 8 style start menu.

You can download the app for an uncontrolled 30 day trial and purchase it anytime during the trial or at the end of the free ride! Download here.

Step 3: Windows 8 can be controlled

The “Windows 8 App” usually does not run in desktop mode. This means you move away from the introduction of desktop mode. Additionally, you’ll miss the ability to multitask with your desktop app. Since Start8, Stardock has released software called ModernMix, which lets you run those “special” apps on your desktop in Windows mode, allowing you to access taskbars that would not otherwise be possible. And even the taskbar can be pinned for quick access – and you get access to these apps just like any desktop app. ModernMix offers a fairly detailed set of tweaks, but very easy to understand. When you use the app, there’s always an escape route that lets you toggle between the controlled mode and the actual UI mode that they were supposed to have first!

This app, like the traditional Stardock, comes with an unrestricted 30 day free trial. When you post it, you have to buy it at $ 4.99, the same price as Start8

Download here

Isn’t it like Windows 7 now?

When you install these apps, or at least install Start 8, the way Windows 8 used on your PC, the way Windows 7 used to – login to the desktop and the Start button and the familiar menu will be right there. Hopefully, the money spent on these apps will make the experience much smoother and we believe this is an investment in good health. How? Because Windows 8 can get you through a variety of emotions – anger, frustration, extreme curses and even damage to your own body!

Why we want you to stick with Windows 8

There are reasons for this. With a big rework under the hood, Windows 8 is very different from previous Windows OS. It has advantages – better performance is critical. On the same machine, Windows 8 will boot faster than Windows 7 and will feel faster in normal usage scenarios, copied exactly to both OS. Second, battery life has improved with Windows 8. On the same hardware, Windows 8 logs a good backup time score, sometimes 20% higher than a Windows 7 machine. For someone moving, this is a significant improvement. In the future, the new OS will have the power of software and hardware companies in terms of software updates, new features and frequently updated drivers. If you’re a gamer, for example, you’ll get better performance, and focus on releasing better drivers and software for Windows 8 powered machines like Nvidia and AMD. For older OS it is very normal to go into the shadows , Something

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