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You must have always wondered how Google, Facebook, YouTube or your favorite Android game was created and you have a better idea than that. But you thought, ‘Oh, this is the work of programmers,’ and that’s the end of it, because you don’t know how to code. Whether you want to learn code for serious work or just as a hobby, the internet is your best teacher. A programming language can be a boon that gives birth to a new hobby. Here, we hope to help you with the newcomer’s guide to learning how to code online.

Before you start programming remember your ultimate goal, either you are learning code for passion or profession. Don’t limit yourself to one particular language, be flexible and try your hand at different languages. What programmers won’t tell you is that learning a programming language is very easy when you know the basics of a particular language.

Getting started – the hardest part

Programming is basically instructing your computer to perform certain tasks through a language that the computer understands. Learning a programming language is a simple task, your problem-solving ability and how creative you are at solving problems is important. Selecting the specific job with which you want the code makes a difference here. So before choosing a language, select a project of your interest and then choose the language most suitable for it accordingly.

To get started, you need to know the syntax, operator and function. So starting with an ancient but powerful language like C ++ will give you a better idea of ​​these issues. Then once you get a hang of ideas you can easily deal with more recent languages. Now as mentioned earlier, first choose a project and then a language that meets the purpose of the project. If you want to improve the look of a website or create your own website from the ground up, you must learn HTML / CSS and then go to JavaScript, PHP etc. to add functionality. If you want to create software for computers or apps and games for mobile, you may want to consider C ++, Java, Python and Swift languages ​​for iOS. There are many sites that can give you an overview of these purposes and help you learn these languages ​​efficiently. Here are some sites you can try to learn the basics of programming.

Resources for learning

Gone are the days when you had to enroll in a computer science course to learn programming. In addition to the college degree, students will take the services of a private tutor or join a private coaching class to master their programming skills and thus, benefit from their peers. The Internet then comes into the picture, after all, why confine yourself to the limited time of your coaching class or private tutor. Instead, learn and master your skills online at your convenience, here we have some websites that you should consider if you are just starting out with a new programming language.

1. Code Academy
Codeacademy offers a free learning platform for beginners by offering various courses on their site. There is a dedicated forum with special threads where you can ask for help if you are stuck on a specific project. So you can easily get help from forum members. Finally, you can create your own website. However, no video instructions are provided, so users will need to resolve all questions in the forum. Courses offered are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Python, API.

2. Code School
Code schools offer free basic lectures and then advanced lectures are part of a paid service. But it does provide video tutorials for even the most basic terminology. You can run your code in the browser and you will be given occasional quizzes along with video tutorials.

3. Khan Academy
Khan Academy is not an intelligent one when it comes to online learning and it has an excellent lecture for programming. There are machine-graded assignments and video tutorials to help you get started and help if you are injured. Khan Academy does not offer a set of programming languages, but it works with programming basics and coding methods that can be applied to a vast array of languages.

4. Indifference
Udacity provides video tutorials with quizzes to help you think about code. The video tutorial is 2-3 minutes long and it is a good thing because short speech does not bother you. Courses offered are: Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, Computer Science, Algorithm, AI.

5. Tutorial points
Tutorial Point provides free beginner-level learning resources for almost all major programming languages ​​used today. Their catalog for tutorials and courses is very extensive with languages ​​separated by projects. In the ‘Coding Grounds’ section of the website you can practice, edit, run, compile and share your results.

6. W3 School
W3Schools is a free tutorial website that offers tutorials on web development and design for beginners. It has nicely divided sections according to the tasks that special programming languages ​​are used for. Courses offered are HTML / CSS, XML, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, ASP.NET.
Get a better idea of ​​programming language overview from this LifeHacker article

Basic Web Development Language

If you want to work with a web development building interactive website or even a simple website page, you need to have knowledge of the programming language used to code for web development. You also need to decide whether you want to work in front-end or server-side development. Basically, this means that if you want to work on how to manage a website users (front end) or database (server side). Here are some languages ​​you can learn to start your web development dream.

JavaScript is one of the most popular and dynamic programming languages ​​used for creating and developing websites. This language is capable of achieving a number of things, including browser control, editing content in a document that is displayed, allowing client-side scripts to interact with users, and asynchronous communication. It is a language that is adopted by all major browsers.

PHP is a free server-side programming language used not only for web development but also as a general purpose programming platform. It is one of the easiest programming languages ​​because of its simple and clear syntax and few keywords. While Facebook uses a lot of PHP and WordPress, the popular CMS is also programmed using PHP.

HTML / CSS is not a programming language but a markup language used to design web pages. HTML is used to design static pages and CSS is used to style your pages. If you want to work in front-end development, you need to familiarize yourself with these languages.

Languages ​​that allow you to code across platforms

If you want to start building applications that can run across multiple platforms like iOS and Android, you need to code in a language that is not local and has little overhead. IOS uses Swift and Objective-C while Android uses Java. So you need a language that can work on both platforms.

RoboVm enables programmers to code iOS apps using the Java language. So you can code once and make your app work on both platforms. The people behind RoboVm came under the scanner when they said they would move away from open source philosophy for all future versions.

RubyMotion is an established tool used by thousands of businesses to create iOS, Mac OS X and Android apps using the Ruby programming language. RubyMotion claims to be basically the same as the local language because it runs on the same runtime technology.

Another big name in the cross-platform app development business is Zamarin. It comes with a nice feature set to test your apps across 2,000 real devices in their cloud. Xamarin acquired RoboVm in late 2015.

Practice resources

Once you become accustomed to the programming language you have chosen, you need to practice and improve your skills and there is no better way to do this than by signing up for a competitive service.

1. Codechef
CodeChef is a globally competitive programming platform that hosts competitions in 35 programming languages ​​for students and software developers. If you feel that you are not ready for the competition yet, go to the practice section and improve your skills. Like all other platforms, they have problems across different difficulty levels.

2. Topcoder
TopCoder contains an array of competition for coders that are actually real world problems faced by TopCoder’s clients. You can get the individual attention of the TopCoder Review Board for each submission. Their annual tournament – Topcoder Open – is quite popular and is held in multiple stages in multiple countries due to its huge size. Did we mention that you can make a lot of money?

Learn code while gaming?

Some services have done a wonderful job of gameplaying the entire learning process. Here are some of the ones we found to be interesting:

1. CodeCombat
There is nothing in this world that cannot be made into a game, and CodeCombat is a service that has made learning programming really easy by playing a game. CodeCombat is basically a role playing game where you control your character by typing code. Each stage of the language you are currently learning teaches you a new direction. As the game progresses new elements are introduced and complexity is scaled accordingly. Syntax and algorithms for all beginner level are covered

2. Codeware
CodeWars differs from CodeCombat because users are offered a variety of tasks, including a reference to a Japanese martial art called kata. Tasks include determining the output of a code, entering the correct input code to get a specific output result, creating a function to get the desired output, and more. This method is more challenging and more fun because it allows you to think of multiple ways to solve a problem. Even when you sign up for the first time, you will be tested.

Easy project to practice

So what should you do after learning a new language? Why practice more by creating some great projects. Start working on your ‘idea’ which is much better than the existing solutions. Here are some basic projects that will not only be easy to implement and debug but will also help strengthen your ideas. You must work towards implementing the selection algorithms as they are being used a lot. Start with a simple sorting program and scale the amount of data you are working with.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If all goes well, you can always drop by the many programming-centric forums and start a conversation. You go there, you take your first step into the world of programming, Bleed Binary! See here what is the best programming language in the world.

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