Gmail will stop working on Chrome version 53 and above

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Gmail, search giant Google’s email service will stop working on older versions of Chrome browser. Google has announced that Gmail will stop working on Chrome 53 or lower by the end of this year.

Google Chrome has a silent update process by default that updates the browser to its latest version by default. Updates are installed on the fly to fix security vulnerabilities targeted with the browser. Google says consumers using Gmail on older versions of Chrome may experience security vulnerabilities.

With the announcement, Google is forcing users to switch to at least 54 versions of Chrome on their devices. Restrictions will disable key features of Gmail in older versions of Chrome “Those with Chrome v53 and below may be redirected to the basic HTML version of Gmail in early December 2017.”

The move will affect most users who are running Microsoft’s Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Google has dropped support for these versions of Windows and the last stable release for these systems was Chrome 49. Google plans to display a banner on Gmail from next week, encouraging users to upgrade to the latest version.

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