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Although 1More has yet to become a household name in the audio world, the company has begun to make waves in this market. Their pocket-friendly devices often have a high-quality look and feel, and they try to achieve this with their new entrant in the real wireless IEMs category – 1 more stylish True Wireless. While there are a lot of things for earphones, there are also some flaws that prevent us from asking you to leave your comfortable seat right now and get your hands on these kids. Let’s see if 1More’s latest offer goes with the caliber of their popular triple drivers.


Competing against Apple AirPods is something that most True Wireless earphones end up with as they popularize this growing audio segment. We can say with confidence that 1 more stylish True Wireless earphones surpasses the audio quality obtained from AirPods, all without the high price tag attached to Apple AirPods.

The audio produced by the 7mm Dynamic Driver is extremely crisp, warm-sounding and rich. The ditch has an unambiguous thump, which stands out among the different genres. In most cases the base response is not too overwhelming, however, in some genres, they cover some subtle details in the middle. When it comes to bus response, it is essential that you find the right fit for ear tips and O-hooks as these are the key to getting the intended bus response. Also, with the right seal, you can see that the sound-floor of these earphones is almost silent and there is no hissing sound in the air when no music is playing. However, passive isolation is definitely lacking because we hear the click of our mechanical keyboard while listening to music, which is not ideal.

Inside Century By Fruit Out Boy, You will see that the earphones can raise the height without any roughness or noise. There’s also no distortion in the high volume, which we tested when we cranked this song to the maximum volume which is often a disaster for the budget earphones we tested in the past. Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars Highlight the bass as really tight and piercing without being disobedient, as the voices are quite clear despite having bass thumps in the background surrounding the whole song. However, at times the mids in these earphones seem to be somewhat isolated, which may interfere with some details.

The audio separation is also great and the soundstage is quite decent for real wireless earphones. Instrument in Pink Floyds Shine On You Crazy Diamond And The Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody Easily separated and the separation of both right and left channels of the song holds and translates well into these buds. These earphones tend to be warmer-sounding but also play better on bright tracks, especially with the right seal which gives the buds a more balanced and well-rounded sound signature.

The strength and stability of the wireless connection is also good. We’ve rarely experienced any backlash or avoidance, and the connection stays with you until you walk about 30 feet (the company claims 33 feet). When watching media on Netflix and YouTube, there is a slight latency delay that is just noticeable.

Regarding battery life, in our experiments, we found that if we keep the volume close to 50 percent, our battery life in the earphone is 6 hours and 35 minutes and bumping it up to 70 percent reduces the battery life to about 50 percent. 5 and a half hours. The charging case offers three, and sometimes even four extra full charges on the earbuds, which is impressive.

Unfortunately, where 1 more stylish True Wireless fails is call-quality. The receiver at the other end said the reviewer’s voice sounded hollow and faint, indicating that the microphone was not of the highest quality and that earphones such as the AirPods, Jabra Elite Active 65t and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless undoubtedly surpassed the 1 more stylish True. This is wireless in front. It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker, but 1 more can certainly improve enough here.


In terms of battery life, 1 more stylish True Wireless earphones deliver significant hours of juice. The company claims that earphones should have about 6 hours of battery life while the charging case should be able to surpass them three times more, offering a total of 24 hours of battery life. So, you get the same amount of juice as AirPods 2 and RHA TrueConnect earphones, which is commendable. Another quality-life feature available is that 15 minutes of charging can get you up to 3 hours of use, which is almost perfect according to our tests.

As mentioned earlier, 1 more stylish True Wireless has a single physical button on each earphone. However, they are fairly limited because there is no way to control the volume using these physical buttons, which is an absolute shame. This means that if you are a person who likes different volume levels across different tracks, then you have to take out your phone repeatedly. Also, users need to pause their music first, and then double-click on one of the earphones to activate their voice assistant, which seems a bit unusual and can be hard to find unless you promote the user manual.

Where deserved and 1 more really fascinated us is the slip feature that should allow users to use earbuds independently of each other. So, if the battery in one bud dies, you can continue watching that Netflix show or listen to those latest tracks uninterrupted until the other bud is running. This is extremely convenient. Unfortunately, this advantage brings us another drawback. The charging of the buds in the case seems to be significantly inconsistent, where we have completed 100 percent charge in the right earbud, while only 20 percent charge in the left earbud, which has caused extreme annoyance. Either 1More knew about this error and included the use of independent earbuds as a comfort measure, or we found an uncomfortable part of our review. In either case, it’s a real shame.

Earphones come with automatic power and pairing capabilities that basically power the buds and connect them to the pre-paired device when they are out of their case. Take this feature with a pinch of salt, since it seems to work about 50 percent when we try, when the aforementioned feature fails we need to manually turn on the physical buttons by long pressing. There’s also no accompanying app to change performance EQ settings, so keep this in mind if you enjoy customizing your music sound.

On a more positive note, the earphones offer sweat-resistant, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, resulting in uninterrupted wireless connection stability and even support AAC and aptX codecs. They are priced conservatively at Rs 6,999 which makes the purchase more attractive, as we will cover in the next section, the audio sounds great and balanced.

Construction and design

1 More has gone with their more stylish and seemingly shortened design for stylish True wireless earphones. Unfortunately, contrary to their name, these earphones did not fit our criteria for being called ‘stylish’, especially the generic-looking black variant we got for this review. There are other colors, such as gold and pink, which are certainly glamorous, but mostly look attractive in pictures.

Earphones, as well as the charging case are made entirely of plastic. You will also find a drawstring pouch in the box to store the charging case. The matte, oval shaped charging case looks quite generic and the logo indented in the center of the case also fails to pop. In addition, it is quite a heavy case and often comes out from under your pocket.

The case also has a micro-USB charging port, which is a bit disappointing, but it’s expected in budget-friendly real wireless earphones, so we’ll refrain from complaining too much about it. There’s also an oval-shaped button that effectively opens the spring-loaded case that reveals the earbuds inside. In addition, there is a battery indicator LED light that reveals the remaining charge of the case.

Each earphone is shaped like an oval polished pebble (1 more stuck with the theme of oval design with it, it seems), and has a single LED indicator and a multifunction button. Each earbud’s physical button lets you pause or play music, skip tracks, go back to previous tracks, and answer phone calls.

The earbuds offer a comfortable fit and we listened to music for hours on end without feeling tired. The 45-degree angled ear nozzle, as well as the included durability gel (O-Hooks), enhances fit and comfort. We’re thrilled to find that 1More includes four sizes of ear tips (XS, S, M, L) and three sizes of O-Hooks (S, M, L) that make sure they’re almost like a puzzle to anyone. Fits. .

Overall, the plastic body of the charging case and earphones make them look and feel slimmer and less premium, however, as a result they are quite light. While the case doesn’t look as plastic as the Redmi Airdots case, it’s not as premium-looking as the Galaxy Buds case. The comfortable and secure fit mentioned above means you can easily use these buds when you are leisurely walking in the park or on your way to work. However, they tend to slip occasionally while running, so they are not designed to fit a fitness-based lifestyle.

The last row

1 More Stylish True Wireless earbuds may not necessarily be ‘stylish’ as ​​the name implies, but until you find the right eartips and O-hooks they provide competitive sports sound quality, good battery life and a snag seal. They also offer some high-end features like sweat-resistance, fast charging, Bluetooth 5.0 and voice assistant access, all at a budget price of Rs 6,499. We can’t help but crave a USB-C port, a companion app, and volume control, but we’re mostly tweaking here, minus the missing volume control, which is a basic feature you’d expect earphones to have.

While there are definitely real wireless earphones higher than the 1More offers like the Klipsch T5 and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, the 1More Stylish True Wireless offers good sound quality for their price with a relatively balanced, well-rounded sound signature. The earbuds can work independently of each other which is quite convenient. The somewhat generic design of the Matte Black version of these buds may be unpleasant but the enabled sound quality and support given in high-end audio codecs like AAC and aptX is more than worth it. However, the Galaxy Bud proves to be a great alternative to these earphones in this price range. Overall, 1More’s Stylish True Wireless should prove to be a solid budget-friendly purchase.

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