Google Chrome can implement horizontal app switcher design in Android

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

The latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Android P, is set to launch a new, horizontal app switcher design, which is now set to appear on the Chrome Android app as well.

The upcoming version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android P, is just around the corner. The developer preview program is bringing new features to unstable builds and one of the many new reasons for Android in its new incarnation is the horizontal app switcher window. How you get the app switcher in iOS is somewhat similar, except for the overlap of the app window in the switcher. Now, the latest build shows an animation change in the Google Chrome browser on Android, which seems to include a similar tab switcher animation.

Typically, the tab switcher option in Google Chrome opens all open tabs vertically, with pages overlapping each other. With the new layout, all open tabs open horizontally and each tab closes when you swipe up or down. Additionally, you will now be able to see the entire webpage opened in each tab, which can help with usage. Incognito mode is also streamed here – a button at the top hosts ‘Incognito Mode’ and tapping on it will take you directly to all the tabs that were already open when you last accessed them. Tapping the same button again will bring you back to the normal screen. The update has been included in Chrome Canary, a bunch of unstable build of the Chrome browser’s Android app with a bunch of features that Google is currently testing for the Android P release.

The horizontal tab switcher design is expected to be implemented with Android P – no wonder. This could go well with the new gesture-based controls that Google is expected to roll out with the new version of Android. Anyone wishing to take a preview of it, can access it by downloading the Chrome Canary app from the Play Store, type chrome: // flags Tick ​​the search box, and the list that opens # Enable-horizontal-tab-switcher See how to access the new animation mode and how it works.

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