Google Home App Working with Material Design: Report

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

The APK teardown of version of the Google Home app shows that the sidebar menu has been moved to the bottom toolbar and the ‘Device’ page will now have a clearer look with a smaller icon.

After updating with several app material themes such as Gmail, Google Drive and Maps, Google is reportedly testing a design overhaul for the Google Home app used to manage smart speakers and Chromecast. In a report from 9to5google, an ‘APK Insight Post’ decompiled the latest version of the app, which was uploaded to the search giant Play Store. The post details the various codes that hint at the still-upcoming design and potential features that the new app is expecting.

The redesign was first seen in tests by XDA accredited developer Quinny899. The biggest difference reported was the design changes in the sidebar menu that have been removed and a new bottom toolbar with more navigation options. Not much change can be seen on the home screen and the content browse screen, and the ‘Device’ page is said to be clear. Google will remove small icons and large cards for text to save a lot of space. If this design is rolled out, users will not have to scroll too far to search for devices. Finally, the settings page will also get a facelift, and the dividers in the submenus have been removed to show the overall design less clusters.

Google Home App is an old design

To make this clear, the redesign is being tested and Google may not roll out any features that are being tested. Also, there is no information about when the new design will be launched and rolled out to users. The new design is enabled with version number of the Google Home app, which was updated on May 18.

Google has introduced Material Design with the launch of Android Lollipop v5.0 and it has been around for almost four years now. Since then, the company has provided a consistent look and feel of Google’s apps across its platform. So far, it has updated many of its apps, such as Google Play and Search, into new design languages. YouTube was also updated on the line of material design. The redesign was later extended to Maps for Gmail, Drive, and Android.

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