Google I / O 2022 is set for May 11 and will be an online event

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This year’s Google Annual Developers Conference will be held in front of a limited number of live viewers and the rest of us can watch it online for free.

Google I / O 2022 will go live on May 11. It will be a two-day event extending to May 12. In keeping with tradition, Google has unveiled a puzzle for estimating the date and details of its annual developer conference. The four-part puzzle has now been solved, and company chief Sundar Pichai has confirmed that the Google I / O Conference 2022 will be free and online for all.

Later, in a statement to The Verge, Google spokesman Alex Garcia-Kumart said, “This year’s event will be broadcast in front of a limited number of live viewers, and is completely free and open to virtually everyone.”

Although the I / O 2022 references to “live from shoreline amphitheater” and “in front of a limited live audience” may be somewhat confusing, it was later clarified I have fried That limited audience of Axios will be mainly Googlers and some partners. Meanwhile, the media and the public can see it all online.

Here is the I / O puzzle mentioned above:

Google I / O 2022 Puzzle

The four-part puzzle consisted of tangled strings with physical and musical loops. Once messed up, they start playing a tune, which can now be heard on the website. There, you can also see a countdown timer of the event.

Google I / O 2022 registration and what to expect

Google I / O 2022 Countdown

On the I / O website, although you have the option to sign in, the Frequently Asked Questions section states, “Registration will be available in March 2022 – check back on this website for more details.”

However, once you register, you’ll receive important information via email, such as session topics, speakers, and various event activities.

This year’s I / O is free for everyone. All sessions and original notes will be available on demand and in different languages ​​after the event at no charge. There will also be a virtual exhibition.

He said the exact schedule has not been revealed yet. The company did not indicate which products it could announce. Even if it’s a Dave conference, we can learn about consumer-oriented products and features that make it work like Android 13. We’ll keep you in the loop.

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