Google sets random colors for different assistant voices

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Users can now scroll through a list of colors and preview the voices associated with them. Previously, voices were marked as ‘Voice 1’, ‘Voice 2’ and many more.

Google has begun rolling out an update for its assistants, after which U.S. users will be able to change the voice of the artificial intelligence (AI) -based service by selecting a color associated with that particular voice. According to The Verge, the company has set a total of eight different colors, one for each voice. The colors are randomly selected and do not represent a specific gender or voice texture.

Previously, voices were only listed as “Voice 1” and “Voice 2”, and so, and alternated between male and female voices. After the update, users can now scroll through the colors and preview to choose a voice for communication. The company announced six new voices for the assistant at Google I / O 2018 in May, including singer John Legend. With the new options, there are now four different female voices and four different male voices, all speaking in different tones.

Furthermore, one of the most notable developments in voice is fluency because the assistant has been trained to speak more naturally. Improvements include natural breaks “which have meaning” and other voice-related combinations to create a “more natural dialogue”. This new version of the assistant is built on a machine learning technology called Wavenet. Voice changes can be made on all devices – services like smartphones, Google Home smart speakers and maps, among others – that have Google Assistant built-in.

In January, Google launched Hindi support for Assistant. AI-Services can understand limited sentences in Hindi and answer with text; The voice is not yet able to speak in Hindi. In February, the company announced that by the end of 2018, it would expand voice support to more than 30 languages, with the goal of reaching 95 percent of all eligible Android phones worldwide. The tech giant added that they are working to make the assistant multilingual, “so that families or individuals who speak more than one language can talk to the assistant naturally.”

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