Google will soon launch Android and beta programs, Nougat beta will end

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

Upcoming Android also comes at a time when a recent report mentions that Android Nougat now runs on 7.1% of all devices worldwide.

Google has confirmed that the beta program for Android O will be launched soon. The company has released an update on its Android beta page, citing the completion of the Android Nougat beta program. Devices that chose to stay in the Android Nougat beta program have been updated to the latest public version, Android 7.1.2. This means that no more builds will be made on Pixel and Nexus devices in the coming days, but the upcoming beta version of Android O will soon hit registered devices.

Android and beta are expected to roll out to registered users later this month, in May 2017. Google released the initial Android and developer preview in March 2017, and a second preview is expected to be released to developers later this month. The release of the second preview of Android O may also coincide with the upcoming Google I / O 2017, after which the beta program may begin. Upcoming Android and preview operating systems need to improve overall stability and performance overall.

Despite being close to Android and almost launch, fragmentation remains a major problem for the Android ecosystem. Recent reports have noted a significantly faster growth rate for new versions of Android, but even then, Android Nougat has reached only 7.1 percent of all Android devices worldwide. Versions older than three years are still in use, leading to larger bugs on Android-powered devices as Google fails to push security updates on devices that refuse to update. The company expects the adoption rate to increase soon with the upcoming Android O.

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