Google will unveil the new Google Earth on April 18

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

The new Google Earth platform is expected to feature a new interface design.

Google Earth, the global 3D map software that was launched in 2011, is undergoing an overhaul on April 18, just four days before Earth Day on April 22. Google has not given any indication of what the new, updated Google Earth will look like , But since Google is hosting a special event, a major improvement in the service is expected

The 3D mapping service, which offers detailed satellite imagery from around the world, was originally created by Keyhole (funded by the CIA that day). It was originally launched in 2011 as Earthviewer 3D, and was later acquired by Google in 2004 Since its inception, Google has added and can even add features to Street 3D, such as Street View, Famous Buildings, Oceans, and more. Astronomical firms like the Moon and Mars.

Google Earth has even built a flight simulator and anyone can get on any type of plane from any airport and fly anywhere in the world in the simulation. With the new update, we hope that Google will add VR support for mobile as well as keep all functionality intact and overhaul the interface design.

Source: The Next Web

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