Here’s how you can download Microsoft Windows 11 Update without Official

Windows 11 Update is available for download for eligible Windows 10 users. Users can check their eligibility requirements by downloading the PC Health Check app.

The Mircosoft Windows 11 Update is finally available and interested users can upgrade their Windows 10 PC / Laptop to Windows 11. According to Microsoft, users will not download Windows 11 updates if their PC / Laptop does not meet the minimum qualification requirements. If they do, their devices will not receive future Windows 11 software and security updates.

For all eligible devices, there are two main ways to download Windows 11 software updates. If you have a laptop or pre-built PC, the first method is most suitable.

Windows 11 Update Download Official

Download Windows 11 Update (Updates and Security)

  • Click the Start button and open the “Settings” menu
  • Once inside, select “Update and Security” and click on the “Windows Update” tab
  • Click the “Check for updates” button and wait for the system to respond

Your laptop will probably get the Windows 11 update option if your OEM sends an official notification. However, if you do not see a Windows 11 update download prompt, you can download the update directly from Microsoft’s official website.

Download Windows 11 Update (Online Method)

  • Click here to download and install “PC Health Check”
  • Open the PC Health Check app and click the “Check Now” button
  • The next step after proceeding from the app is to download Windows 11
  • Open Google Chrome and in the search box type “Windows 11 Official Download”
  • A search result titled “Download Windows 11” will appear, click on it
  • Once the page has loaded, click “Download Now” under the heading “Windows 11 Installation Assistant”
  • Open the downloaded installer on your PC
  • This will prompt you to use the PC Health Check app, ignore it and if you have already completed this process, press Refresh.
  • The next step is to accept the license agreement and install Windows 11 by clicking “Accept and Install”.

With these two steps, you will be able to install Windows 11 on your PC / Laptop in no time. I installed Windows 11 OS on my Lenovo Legion 5 Pro and Dell 9520 laptop using online method. On both laptops, the new Windows 11 OS runs smoothly. Some Google Chrome extensions in my web browser are not working properly but other than that, the update is bug free.

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