Introduces Smart Home Integration with Connected Home feature for Microsoft Cortana

Cortana supports Microsoft’s Connected Home feature Wink, Instinct, Nest, SmartThings and Hue. The feature is being rolled out for Windows 10 PC and mobile.

Microsoft is making it easier to control smart home devices on its Windows 10 desktop operating system. Windows 10 users can now turn their PC into a smart home hub with the new ‘Connected Home’ feature for Cortana. Windows Central reports that Microsoft is adding a new integrated home option to Cortana that makes it easier to connect and control smart home devices.

The Connect Home option within Cortana supports Wink, Instinct, Nest, Smartthings and Hugh. Windows 10 users can sign in to each service and launch these services individually, allowing Cortana to manage the devices linked to the service. With Hue and Nest integration, Windows 10 users will be able to control Cortana with Hue Lite and Nest’s thermostat.

Microsoft’s smart home devices arrive just as the price of Herman Cardon’s Invoke speaker is leaked and approaching launch. With Invoke, Microsoft is trying to compete with Amazon, Google and Apple in the smart speaker space. Microsoft integrates with Invoke Cortana and will be used primarily to control these smart home devices and their functions.

Windows Central added that the Connected Home function has been seen on Cortana notebooks for both Windows 10 PCs and mobiles. The feature should be rolled out to more users in the coming days. There are also reports indicating that Microsoft is working on HomeHub in Windows 10 as an alternative to Amazon Echo and Google Home software. The new ‘Connected Home’ feature may be part of a previously designed HomeHub feature with extensive support for devices. Microsoft’s Herman Cardon-built Invoke speaker is expected to make its debut at around $ 199.

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