iOS 11 adopted to surpass iOS 10, but slower adoption rate: report

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

Data released by Mixpanel Trends reveals that the adoption of iOS 11 is slower than the adoption rate of iOS 10. The report compares real-time installation data for iOS 11, iOS 10 and earlier versions.

Apple released its iOS 11 on September 16 for all its supported iPhones and iPads. The adoption of iOS 11 is said to have surpassed that of iOS 10. Data published by Mixpanel shows adaptations of different iOS versions over the years.

Data reveals that since the launch of iOS 11 it has been able to achieve an acceptance rate of 45.44 percent. This means that it is close to surpassing the adoption rate of iOS 10 from last year, which is 47.01 percent. The upgrade to the new iOS 11 seems to be a bit behind compared to last year’s iOS 10 adoption.

While Apple users aren’t upgrading to the latest iPhones due to the delayed release of the iPhone X, the slow upgrade to iOS 11 could be a big contribution. According to an earlier report, Apple will miss its “super cycle” as the iPhone X is facing some production issues.

Apple recently released a new update to its iOS 11, iOS 11.0.3. This is a growing update that fixes a small noise and touch input issue for devices running iOS 11. The company has also released iOS 11.1 Beta 2 for its beta testers on iPhones and iPads The beta update reintroduces 3D-Touch gestures for faster multitasking, newer Unicode 10 emoji and more.

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