iOS 12 is already installed on more than 50% of Apple devices

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

As of October 7, 51.98% of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices have iOS 12 installed, according to analytics platform Mixpanel.

Update: Apple has updated its App Store support page and officially confirmed that as of October 10, 50 percent of all iOS-powered devices are running iOS 12. It also says that 53 percent of iOS devices launched in the last four years are using iOS. 12.

Apple launched the iOS 12 update on the iPhone and iPad devices on September 17, and within 20 days of launch, 51.98 percent of these devices are already running the latest operating system on them, according to a report by analytics platform Mixpanel. The platform further claims that these numbers indicate that iOS 12 adoption surpassed iOS 11 which took a month to achieve this feat. According to 9to5mac, the launch of iOS 12 was a slow start but it has almost doubled in seven days since the rollout.

As of 1.30PM UTC (7PM in India) as of October 7, 51.98 percent of iPhone and iPad devices supporting the latest OS have iOS 12 installed, according to data shared by the analytics firm. More than 41 percent (41.22%) of these devices are still running iOS 11 and the remaining 6.80 percent are using iOS 10 or higher. Mixpanel claims that its report is based on “294,263,139,106 records”. During its Gadar Round launch event, the company announced that all iPhones up to iPhone 5s and all iPads dating iPad mini 2 will support iOS 12. Apple’s iOS has been in beta mode since June 12, with the final version now available to everyone. It brings a lot of new features, but the main area of ​​focus is performance.

Apple claims that the new OS will enable 40 percent faster app launch, 50 percent faster keyboard pop-ups and 70 percent faster camera boot-up on older devices. Another notable addition is a new feature called Screen Time, which helps users track their app and phone usage statistics. The feature is said to help people understand their usage habits and be more prudent in using their devices. There is also an advanced photo app with group notifications You can read about the iOS 12 announcement here and see its features here.

The MixPanel reports the number of active iOS versions based on the use of the App Store, and Apple has not yet updated its official statistics page. The Cupertino-based giant last updated its App Store support page on September 3rd where it said iOS 11 topped with 85 percent acceptance. It further reports that last year, Apple’s official numbers did not exceed the 50 percent mark for iOS 11 as of November.

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