iOS 9 source code leaked to GitHub by low-level Apple employees: report

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

Apple employees took the code from Apple in 2016 to share with friends in the jailbreaking community.

Earlier in the week, the source code for iBoot, an integral component responsible for launching the iOS system, was leaked to GitHub and was later removed after Apple intervened. The code is part of iOS 9, Apple’s three-year-old operating system, which could allow hackers to jail potential iPhones. Following the leak, Apple sent a DMCA notice to GitHub and the link has since been removed. Now, a new report from Motherboard states that the iOS source code was leaked by a low-level Apple employee who took the code from Apple in 2016 to share with his friends in the jailbreaking community.

The motherboard collected information from those who were involved. He said the Apple employee’s intent was not to harm the company and that the person was not generally dissatisfied with the company. Instead, he was persuaded by friends in the jailbreaking community to get the source code to make jailbreaking iPhones easier.

The motherboard report states-

The person took the iBoot source code – and additional code that has not yet been widely leaked – and shared it with a small group of five people.

A friend of the intern told me, “He pulled everything, all sorts of Apple internal tools and whatever.” The first leak

According to reports, the group of five people who had the code did not want to share it but somehow managed to get out of it. An unnamed source told the motherboard that the leak was not a “complete leak.” “It’s not a real leak – it’s a copy,” a source said.

After Apple confirmed that the code was actually iOS 9, the company said, “It looks like the old source code was leaked three years ago but by design, the security of our products does not depend on privacy. Our source code. Our products have many levels of hardware and software protection. “

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