Microsoft always hints at connected ‘modern OS’ which provides ‘invisible’

April 3, 2022 0 Comments

Although there is no mention of Windows anywhere, the company’s ‘modern OS’ offers many new “capable and enjoyable” ones that will power upcoming devices.

Microsoft is rumored to be working on an OS but has not yet confirmed whether it is Windows 11, Lite version of Windows or something completely new. However, the company has started dropping some hints about its next OS. At the ongoing Computex 2019 event, it hints at an OS that is claimed to enable better computing on future devices. First seen by The Verge, Microsoft released some information about the OS in a blog post. Microsoft envisions its “modern OS” with “seamless updates” that are done invisibly without any interruptions in the background. If these features sound a bit familiar, it’s because Chrome OS already has a background update and follows the same pattern without interruption.

Microsoft’s blog post states, “An OS that provides a set of capabilities that give customers the basic experience they expect from their device, and includes a bunch of delights that provide an innovative human-centered experience.” Additionally, the company’s modern OSK is said to be secure by default because “the state is isolated from the operating system; the calculation is separated from the application.” It seems like there could be a lot of cloud processing involved, which could be beneficial for less powerful devices as well. The OS is expected to always be connected to Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G options which will “just work”.

This ‘modern OS’ is claimed to provide sustainable performance from the moment a user picks up his device. One might have noticed that while Microsoft is publishing a good chunk of information about this “modern OS”, it doesn’t mention Windows anywhere. However, from all the hints he dropped in his blog post, we can only assume that the company is describing its upcoming operating system. It is also more certain that the company’s upcoming, and possibly future, operating systems will offer uninterrupted updates, 5G connectivity, cloud-powered apps, security improvements, new form factor and AI.

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