Microsoft Build 2017: OneDrive gets new file on-demand feature

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

With the OneDrive File on-Demand feature, users can access the cloud without having to download their files.

Microsoft kicked off its Build Developer Conference yesterday with a focus on AI, Cloud and new developer offers. During day 2 keynote speech, software giant Windows 10 and its OneDrive customer announced new consumer-centric features coming to the cloud service.

In Build 2017, Joe Belfio has announced the new OneDrive file on-demand feature that will be provided with the Windows 10 Fall Creator update. Seattle-based software developers say the idea behind File On-Demand is to help customers become more productive while offline. With on-demand files, OneDrive users can access the cloud without having to download their files. Belfio further highlights how the new feature will not use any storage space on their devices.

With OneDrive File On-Demand, all your files, including online files, will be accessible from File Explorer and will work just like any other file on users’ devices. Users can also decide whether to use a desktop or Windows Store app when opening an online file. “Select the file you want to open in the file picker, and the file will automatically download and open in your app,” said Jeff Tapper, corporate vice president of the Office, OneDrive and SharePoint team.

Microsoft says that the OneDrive file is the most requested feature for OneDrive in the on-demand user voice. The feature will work with both personal and working OneDrive accounts as well as SharePoint online team sites.

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