Microsoft Build 2018: Here are all the new features Windows 10 will get soon

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

Windows Mobile OS may be out of the race, but its features are now appearing everywhere. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 update will bring Android and iOS devices closer to PC.

Within two days of the Microsoft Build Conference 2018 in Seattle, it became clear that Microsoft’s focus had shifted from Windows to AI and the cloud. Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud have been heard from Microsoft executives more than ever before, but Windows remains at the center of Microsoft’s business. Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft, told The Verge: “We are a Windows company. But since the Redmond-based company moved away from the mobile OS race, Windows has worked hard to make it accessible from every platform – be it Android or iOS. And in this year’s build, Nadela has given a bigger push to make Windows more compatible with other platforms. Here’s a look at everything new in Windows 10 –

1. Your phone app for iOS

Smartphones are useful, but they are also a delusion when you work hard To prevent users from checking their phones while working on their Windows PCs, Microsoft has announced your phone app that will allow users to mirror an iPhone directly to a desktop PC. This will allow users to access text, photos, notifications and more from their PC. The app will be available to Windows Insider members this week, and Microsoft will tune it further based on feedback. Sometime later this year, the final version is expected to come out with the next big update of Windows 10.

2. Microsoft Launcher for Enterprise Users

Your phone app is new for iOS, Microsoft already had something similar for Android users. Microsoft Launcher, which works as a standalone launcher app on Android devices, not only provides a streamlined interface focused on productivity, it also allows users to pick things up from where they left off their PC. Now, enterprise users can also take advantage of this feature. In addition, Microsoft Launcher will integrate Android devices with new timeline features that were introduced earlier this month with the April 2018 update.

3. The timeline feature goes cross-platform

The timeline was launched a few weeks ago with the April 2018 update and it offers a whole new way to resume past activities on PC. Now, the timeline will also support Android and iOS devices, allowing users to resume activities they started on their PCs on their smartphones and other devices. The timeline feature will be built into Microsoft Edge Browser for iOS and Microsoft Launcher for Android.

4. Redesign Alt + Tab

Tabbed browsing will break the shackles of Internet browsers and move files, folders and apps. Pressing Alt + Tab brings a new tabbed browsing experience. Tabs can be grouped into sets and accessed through the alt + tab interface. You can find recently accessed files and folders as well as webpages from Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has not promised when the sets will be rolled out to users, but it will be available to Windows Insider manufacturers first.

5. Cortana and Alexa to work together

Microsoft’s Cortana will now work closely with Amazon’s Alexa. Microsoft showed up on the platform and it was clear that you could ask Cortana to call Alexa and control all your smart appliances and at the same time ask Alexa to send an email to Cortana. The feature will be rolled out to users later this year. We are waiting for more details on which devices will be compatible with the union

6. Microsoft will pay devs more to create apps for Windows

The usual practice for app stores is to deduct 30 percent of the revenue generated by apps in their stores. Microsoft is changing this in a big way by reducing only 5 percent for non-game apps and leaving the remaining 95 percent of revenue to developers. It’s a push for more Dave to create apps for the Microsoft Store

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