Microsoft Build 2018: What to expect, how to watch livestream

April 4, 2022 0 Comments

The company is hosting its Build 2018 conference from May 7 and is expected to announce various services like Azure, Windows 10 and many more.

Microsoft is set to host its annual Build 2018 Developer Conference on May 7 in Seattle, and the event will begin at 8:30 AM PT (or 9:00 PM IST). Satya Nadela, CEO of the company, and Joe Belfio, Head of Operating Systems, will begin the event with a keynote address, followed by a lot of technical discussion and on-stage coding events in the following two key notes. Nadela is also expected to announce the company’s goals for next year, and at the build event, one can expect to discuss artificial intelligence (AI), the evolution of Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality, Azure and more. Anyone can register here and watch the live stream of the keynote address.


At Microsoft’s build conference, we can certainly look forward to further announcements regarding the development of Azure Cloud, Microsoft 365, and Visual Studio IDE. The company’s Azure Cloud competes with Amazon Web Services and may announce new support for the developer ecosystem.

Artificial intelligence

Microsoft is expected to announce further on the Windows Front with development plans for Windows ML, the company’s machine-learning platform that was launched last month with the Windows 10 update. This allows developers to use pre-trained AI routines in their apps that run locally or on the Azure cloud and can use hardware acceleration from GPUs. The company is updating its services with AI, for example, its digital assistant Cortana and the Translator app, both using AI. The company recently unveiled its new chatbot Xiaoice in China, which uses AI to communicate like a natural speaker.

Windows 10

Microsoft recently launched the Windows 10 April update, which comes with a timeline feature. This allows users to keep track of their activity and resume where they left off after a few weeks. The company is expected to explain the feature in detail at the event and provide details of the Windows 10 Lean operating system. It is also expected to feature the ‘Set’ feature of the Rumors tabbed interface, which has been available in group sites, apps, and beta since last year.

Windows Mixed Reality Headset

The company has another opportunity to persuade developers to work with Windows Mixed Reality (MR) headsets. Microsoft had earlier launched many MR headsets with manufacturers like Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, HP and many more but they didn’t really launch and many headsets are now available at very discounted prices compared to the launch.

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