Microsoft has announced the first major update to Windows 10

April 5, 2022 0 Comments

The update focuses on enterprise users and offers a number of new features as well as improved OS performance.

Microsoft has announced the first major update to Windows 10. The update also offers new features such as Windows Update for Business, Windows Store for Business, Mobile Device Management, Azure Active Directory and new security features. Microsoft also said that the OS is now faster, more compatible and has new features like Cortana Inking. It has improved the Microsoft Edge and supported better viewing for Explorer.

Windows for Business provides IT control over the deployment of updates to update companies, ensuring that their devices meet up-to-date and security requirements. Devices can be set up in groups with hang and scaling deployments, including network optimization. The Windows Store for Business offers IT a way to find, collect, manage and distribute apps on Windows 10 powered devices. It includes a customer line of Windows Store apps as well as business apps Companies can choose their distribution method, either by allocating apps directly, publishing them in a private store, or linking them to management solutions.

Allows mobile device management companies to use Enterprise Mobility Management to manage Windows-powered devices such as PCs, tablets, phones and IoT devices. Azure Active Directory (AAD) allows IT to maintain a single directory. It allows people to single-login and securely access their Windows settings and data across all their Windows 10 devices. AAD Join also allows any device to be easily enterprise ready.

Windows 10 comes with a number of security features designed to protect enterprises from threats. Credential Guard protects certificates in a ‘hardware-based virtualized environment’ that helps protect against ‘hash pass’ hacking techniques. Device Guard uses trusted boots to ensure that intruders cannot install malware on the device. Windows Hello enables enterprise-grade biometrics, including fingerprint and facial recognition, while Windows Defender is Microsoft’s free anti-malware service.

Microsoft launched the first update to Windows 10 in August, just a week after launching the OS. The company called it a “growing” update and simply fixed bugs in the system instead of making any significant additions. The update states that it deals with non-security changes and enhances the performance of Windows 10. They started the Windows 10 update for the Xbox One a few days ago.

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